Mail Day ~ 25 October, 2016

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I have been on a hiatus of some sorts with my postcrossing hobby. I don’t get to swap and send as many cards as I would love to for the past few months now. I just got busy with one thing too many, I guess.

Last month, I managed to mail a number of postcards that’s been long overdue. I sure hope their recipients get them real soon. Here is the list of the card I sent that day:

  1. V. Lankerd, USA ~ Barasoain Church
  2. M. Ming, Singapore ~ Barasoain Church
  3. M. Arai, Japan ~ Barasoain Church
  4. A. Celik, Turkey ~ Barasoain Church
  5. E. Willems, The Netherlands ~ Barasoain Church
  6. Z. Khalid, Pakistan ~ Fort Santiago
  7. M. Sam, Malaysia ~ Rizal Park
  8. M. Szabia, Poland ~ Rizal Park
  9. K. Dovhopolo, Ukraine ~ Bohol
  10. S. Marger, USA ~ Barasoain Church
  11. M. Markhvinskij, Russian Federation ~ Fish Monger Papemelroti card

These are a bunch of official cards, as it has been ages since I sent cards through them. I still have a few direct swaps to finish and mail before this month ends, along with a number of Christmas that I will send to my friends overseas. I sure hope I can find the time to finish them all soon. Meanwhile, this mums will head on to check these cool music instrument stores online.

Wonderful Surprises In The Mail

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Lovely surprises in the mail are just a few of the things that brighten up this mum’s otherwise hectic and tiring day. Not too long ago, I got a package containing an envelope full of beautiful postcards from a postcrosser friend.

Annie sent me a bunch of awesome cards including:

  • a box of Mo Cards containing lovely Japanese illustration
  • a couple of cute owl postcards
  • a bunch of Filipino recipe cards
  • and these uber cute cards for kids on birthdays, summer, Christmas holidays, back-to-school, and school break {I am sure it will be fun to send these to the little one’s classmates!}

I am still undecided if I’d swap these lovely cards, but I did promise to share them with my sister who is even crazier about postcards than I am. But this also means I highly needed to update my swap album to include these new postcards. I have been on hiatus from swapping and I still have a dozen or so official cards that I need to prepare and mail this week. I will prepare the postcards for their pictorial as soon as I am done checking out this informative article about guitar center used instruments.

Thank you so much dear Annie for sending these gifts in the mail, I will send something for you and your little pumpkin soon.

Mailed This Batch of Cards This Month {August}

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Mailed this bunch recently

I have a number of cards for swap that I finally managed to prepare and mail recently, and good thing, too, as I was able to send them before the rainy days set in. Some of these cards are long overdue and I sure hope they arrive to their destination real soon.

I hope my friends will love the Miss Universe 2015 stamps I used on the cards. Isn’t Pia Wurtzbach stunning? Such a Pinoy Pride and I am delighted the local Post Office released these equally gorgeous stamps {will share more about these on a separate post}. I also used a number of lovely washi tapes on my cards. I recently got them from a shop on IG, and I particularly love these Mommy Lhey Washi Tapes {the one with “love kiss fun” design}, I absolutely adore the colors!

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Miss Universe 2015 Stamps

Here’s the list of the cards I mailed, I sure hope you find your name in it:

  1. Biju Dev, India ~ Mayon Volcano, San Juanico Bridge
  2. Gilbert Dela Cruz, Makati City ~ Barasoain Church
  3. Neny, Indonesia ~ Roxas Boulevard, San Juanico Bridge Multiview
  4. Bohdana Matejkova, Czech Republic ~ Mount Mayon
  5. Alissa Guillaume, France ~ Museo Pambata, Barasoain Church

I have a few more pending swaps to finish and I am planning to prepare them while reading all about these awesome Kramer Guitars. I sure hope I can mail them before the week ends as next week will be a lot busier while I work on my blog deadlines and for the remaining preparations for my little one’s 7th birthday celebration. I am also planning to revive our accounts and mail a couple of official cards before the month ends, just to spread some postcrossing cheer around. I will also make sure to share a number of wonderful cards I got recently on my next post. Hope you watch out for that.

How’s your postcrossing so far? Received any interesting cards you’d like to share?

A New Gotochi From Hyogo, Japan

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I always love receiving a card from Japan and Gotochi are my favorites. Recently, I was able to swap with someone from Hyogo for this colorful card. The sender lives about 10 minutes away from this majestic castle. I bet it would be awesome to bike to this castle or pass it by daily. I wonder what sort of activities and festivities they host there on a regular basis. Perhaps a royal ball or a scrumptious banquet. There will be lovely music blaring from the grand halls, I suppose, and there might be live instruments from played, too.

postcards, Gotochi, Japan

The generous sender also used this lovely stamp sheet, as well as other interesting stamps. I love them all. Thank you Chie for swapping and for sending me this beautiful card! Arigato! ^_^

Sending Smiles Through The Post

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It has been sometime since I received postcards in the mail as I have been inactive in postcrossing for a number of months now. I have also put my + the little man’s accounts to inactive. But I have been missing receiving postcards in the mail that I plan to be active in swapping postcards again this year.

Since I miss getting postcards from our local mailman, I thought it was high time I send postcards, too! So, one morning before February end I set out to write in a couple of postcards to send smiles to my friends across the globe.

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Among the cards I included in my first batch of postcards to mail this year are the colorful postcards from Ghibli Museum in Japan, lovely quote cards from Papemelroti, this card we got from Museo Pambata last year, as well as this Peace ad card my brother got at the MRT, which I am sending to a friend in Japan who is fond of quotations in cards.

I hope these cards reach their destination soon and may they bring smiles to their recipients’ faces when they do!

Are you sending postcards today? What sort of postcards are you sending?