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of staycations + summer in the uk

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Staycations vs Cheap Holidays Abroad Infographic - Thomas Cook

A staycation is when you opt to stay at home, or somewhere near like a hotel or resort in the city, so you can save on expenses you might incur when you do go out-of-town or out of the country for a vacation. But here is one interesting graphic illustration that will show you that staycation may be cheap or expensive depending on where in the world you live. A cheap staycation for an average family here in the Philippines may not be the same if you are living in the UK, for example, where the cost of living is high + you will save on your pounds if you will decide to go away instead of staying at home over a long weekend. The cost of a three-course meal + a bottle of lager in London can actually get you a three-course meal for two + 2 bottles of beer in Spain! Strange, right? Oh well, if I could afford to live in the UK + drown in all the rich culture + ancient history, I could probably afford to spend holidays abroad, too! How I wish! 🙂

image is provided by ThomasCook

mailing postcards in envelopes

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Although the lot of us would prefer our postcards stamped, written + naked, there are also those who opt to receive theirs in envelopes. A few of the reasons why people would prefer this include:

  • in some countries, mine not included, it is cheaper to send multiple cards in an envelope instead of sending them one by one
  • others would prefer their postcards to be sent neatly + safely inside an envelope so they reach their destination in a spic ‘n span condition
  • some collectors would prefer their postcards blank + there is no way you can send one apart from sending it in an envelope
It does not really matter what your preferences are. Just make sure you tell your postcrossing friends about it earlier on. Am sure they will all be willing to pay the extra cost in exchange for all the lovely postcard you will send in return. 😉
postcards, souvenirs
Anyway, I have mailed a number of postcards in envelope for the following people a few days ago:
  1. Vipin R, India ~ Batanes lighthouse, Lourdes Grotto, Taluksangay Mosque, Dinagat Island, Rizal Park
  2. Guiseppe R, Italy ~ KKK Flag, Basilica at Dusk – Taal, Pottery Making, Magellan’s Cross – Cebu, Agoo – La Union

Hopefully these envelopes will reach their destinations in no time! 🙂

Diverse Destinations: Egypt

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If you’re planning to book holidays abroad this year and you’re looking for something that little bit different, why not try Egypt? A land awash with world-famous monuments, ancient ruins and spectacular scenery, Egypt is everything you could ever want from a memorable holiday destination, and plenty more besides.

If you prefer to be beach-based rather than cruising up the Nile or soaking up the bright lights of Cairo, a spell on Egypt’s beautiful coast could be right up your street. Sharm el Sheikh certainly ticks all the right boxes when it comes to classic beach destinations – it’s got turquoise seas, miles upon miles of golden sands and plenty of top-notch hotel resorts to choose from.

But far from bearing a luxury price tag, Egypt is now a highly affordable destination – perfect if you’re sticking to a budget or holidaying on a shoestring. Cheap Sharm El Sheikh holiday deals are easy to come by, thanks to the sheer amount of tour operators and package holiday providers vying for your custom.

What’s more, all-inclusive usually comes as standard when holidaying in Egypt, which means you can spend less on eating out and more on local excursions or day trips. And there’s plenty where that came from. Aside from its proximity to incredible monuments and world-famous sights, Sharm el Sheikh is also a popular place for scuba diving thanks to its clear waters, vibrant reefs and beautiful sea life.

If you’re really reining it in this year, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a late deal on your holiday to Egypt. Keep an open mind and stay as flexible as possible – providing you’re not too particular about your choice of local resort, exact hotel or departure dates, you’re bound to find a cracking holiday deal simply by waiting until the last minute.

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travel deals: express sale by airphil express

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travel deals

Summer is indeed more fun in the Philippines! + What perfect way to celebrate summer than by planning on those much-anticipated vacation + actually getting the chance to realize them. + now is the most opportune time to go on those travels you’ve been dreaming all-year long with Airphil Express’ Express Sale. Fly to Hong Kong for as low as Php888 or to any local summer destination, including Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo + Kalibo, at a measly Php 288!

Selling period is from April 17-19 only, for travel period starting 01 June up to 31 October, 2012, so hurry + book those flights now! This seat-sale comes with a free 10-kilo baggage allowance.

With this travel deal, I see no reason why you shouldn’t pack those travel bags + fly! To book now, simply go to Terms + conditions apply.

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Tower Bridge A Tourist Hot Spot

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Originally built in the late nineteenth century to create a method of crossing the River Thames from the East End Tower Bridge was, in its day, the largest bascule (see-saw) bridge in the world. In 1910 the upper walkway, which allowed people to cross the Thames even when the bridge was raised to allow boats through, was closed due to lack of use. It was just too impractical for people to carry their goods up to the walkway and the majority preferred, instead, to wait for the bridge to be lowered to allow them to cross.

In 1982, the upper walkway was re-opened to the public. Since then, this has been home to the Tower Bridge Exhibition which offers visitors the chance to learn more about the fascinating history of the bridge and its workings. The Exhibition chronicles the building of the bridge and showcases some of the original pumps that were in place back in the days when the bridge’s hydraulic mechanisms were powered by steam. The Exhibition is fun for people of all ages, with interactive kiosks and video walls which detail everything from royal visits to the bridge, to daredevil stunts. You’ll learn all sorts of interesting things about the bridge including how, in 1952, bus driver Albert Gunton was forced to make the leap from one bascule to the other when the bridge opened with his bus still on it.

Once you have enjoyed the exhibits, which have embraced modern technologies without losing touch with the Victorian spirit of the bridge, you can take in the panoramic views over the city. It’s great fun to try to spot the major London landmarks. You can also visit some of the other local attractions, including the famous Tower of London.

The Tower Bridge, which offers venue hire for events as well as being a tourist destination, is a must see for visitors to London. If you are looking for somewhere to stay that is close to the bridge, a good option is the Travelodge Tower Bridge hotel. Its convenient location means that you will be able to pay a visit to the bridge, even if your stay in London is short. With a reasonable admission charge and something for everyone to enjoy, the bridge is one tourist hot spot you won’t want to miss.

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