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Caramoan Peninsula postcard, a special 12.12.12 card

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I know nothing tops receiving surprises, tungsten wedding bands and cool high-tech gadgets and stuff. But for me one of the things that gives me the most high is receiving postcard surprises in my nonexistent mailbox, like when I received this pleasant surprise in the mail a few weeks back. This is a 12.12.12 postmarked card of the Caramoan Peninsula. The view is simply breath-taking and I can just imagine how it will look like when I visit the place one day! This place is now included in my travel bucket list.

Thanks so much Marz Ria for sending this beautiful card! I simply love it! ^_^

Beatles Postcard

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I received this black and white Beatles postcard in October {I know, it has been sometime since I’ve posted a card from my collection, sorry about that!} from a private swap with one of friends at Postcrossing Enthusiasts. I love a number of Beatles song, including Let It Be, Hey Jude, and all their other classing songs. Beatles is after all one of the best bands the world has ever known and touched millions of people the world and generation over. If they are around today, I bet they will be touting one of the best gibson melody maker and rock with it!

Oh well, this sure is a great addition to my collection + thanks very much Alyona for sending this to me! ^_^

Brazilian Flag Card

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This is the firs flag card in my postcards collection. This is an official card from Brazil with ID#: BR-214573.

I never thought I’d like flag cards, but now that I have one, I wonder why I did not went out to collect them in the first place. They will sure make for perfect learning material for the little man.

This Brazilian flag card is quite interesting enough to add to anyone’s collection, and don’t you just love the green/yellow combination 😉 I do not know much about Brazil, save that it is the 5th largest country in the world and that it is well-known for its Brazilian football.

postcards, official cards, Brazil, flag cards

Thanks much Tarcisio of Sao Paulo for sending this lovely card + for enclosing these interesting stamps, too! I love ’em! ^_^

Wishing for a North Carolina postcard

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I did mention about my 50 US States map card collection in previous posts and how I would love to complete the collection. I am far from making it half-way through, though, as I only have a number of cards in that collection. I aim to complete it in 2013 and I just wish I can find more swap friends to trade with.

Oh well, one of the cards I would really love to get is a North Carolina map card. North Carolina is known as the Tar Heel State and is the 10th most populous of the 50 States. It is also well known for the University of North Carolina {the first public university in United States}, nags head real estate for sale, Krispy Kreme and NASCAR.

Hopefully I’d be able to receive this card, or anything similar, real soon! 🙂

image is from, a one-stop shop for vintage postcards and collectibles