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Mailday Tuesday, 25 June

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It has almost been a month since I last went to the local post office and I am glad to be visiting it again today while the little man attends his playschool. I also aim to look at their stamp stash and get some for my Postcrossing Enthusiast friend who asked me to get her a few.

Anyway, here is the list of the cards I am posting today. Some of them would’ve been sent earlier if only we were not cooped up for one whole week at home when the little man got sick. Hopefully, they would arrive to their respective destination in no time.

Direct Swap

  • Donna O, OK ~ Tinago Falls
  • Beki C, France ~ Taal volcano {in envelope}
  • Faith T, Ortigas ~ Barasoain Church
  • Jona P, Antipolo ~ stamps {in envelope}

Smile Card/Thank you card

  • Masayo Y, Japan ~ Barasoain Church
  • Anastasia S, Belarus ~ Pan de Azucar Island

  • Alexey K, Russian Federation ~ San Juan Bautista Church
  • Teresa D, Austria ~ Angelus, Amorsolo Painting
  • Ida W, Poland ~ Daraga Church
  • Paco R, Spain ~ Bay Walk, Roxas Blvd.
  • Hessel K, Malaysia ~ Manila Zoo
  • Mimao N, Japan ~ Mosque in Jolo
  • Wei G, Taiwan ~ San Juan Bautista Church
  • Norm P, USA ~ Miag-Ao Church
  • Valeria I, Belarus ~ Mosque in Jolo
  • Stephen T, USA ~ Miag-Ao church {re-sent}

Good thing I can now leave my little man in the classroom while I run errands. Hopefully, I would be able to schedule a yoga session next time while he enjoys in playschool. Oh well, maybe I should look for yoga bolster next in preparation. Anyhoo, when was the last time you went to the Post Office and what are the items you posted? I’d love to hear about it in a comment below!  😀

How to Holiday on a Budget with Your Family

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Going on holiday with the family should be a chance to relax and have fun together, however if finances are a little strained it can be hard to stop worrying. Not every family getaway has to break the bank though, and there are a few simple things that you can do to minimize your costs. Here are some top tips on how to holiday on a budget with your family.

Sensationally Simple Getaways

Spending some quality time together doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, sometimes simple is best. Whether it’s spending a weekend camping and exploring the scenic hinterland or taking off on an exciting road trip, there are many great getaways that aren’t expensive yet can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Great Accommodation Deals

If you’re looking to stay somewhere little fancier than a camp site or motel, it pays to do some research before you book. Check out sites like Wotif to find unbeatable deals on premier accommodation, often with rooms being offered at under half price. These ‘last minute’ booking sites are great if you don’t mind waiting until close to departure to book your hotel, and can result in seriously impressive savings.

Think Ahead and Save

Planning ahead can save hundreds on your family holiday. Small things such as doing a grocery shop before you leave for drinks, healthy snacks and some treats works out a lot cheaper than buying all of these goods once you’re out. If you’re staying in an apartment, consider cooking a few special dinners in house, or making up sandwiches for a picnic lunch. While it’s nice to dine out on your holiday, you don’t have to do it for every meal of the day.

Incredible Discount Activities

With the popularity of coupon sites such as Scoopon and Living Social, you can now access an amazing array of incredible activities at unbelievably low prices. From outdoor activities such as horse riding and kayaking to indoor craft and indulgence experiences, there’s something for everyone on offer. Some of these sites also offer discount travel packages, which often include flights, meals, accommodation and activities at rates of up to 65% off. This is a great chance to scoop up a real bargain and take your family on a budget holiday they’ll never forget!

Getting Extra Advice

Sometimes you simply need an external influence to help you to get the best out of your finances. By contacting a reputable agency such as Fox Symes debt solutions, you can access the very highest quality advice to help you stabilize your financial position. While specializing in eliminating debt, Fox Symes can assist with everything from budgeting advice to negotiating with creditors on your behalf.

Don’t let the stress of debt or financial difficulty spoil your family holiday. With these top budget friendly holiday tips and some expert assistance from Fox Symes, you can ensure that your next family getaway is a resounding success. Enjoy a relaxing holiday that won’t break the bank, and spend some quality time reconnecting with your family.

Semur en Auxois, France

I recently received this beautiful card of Semur en Auxois in France from a direct swap. Won’t you agree that this is quite a lovely place and don’t this lovely scenery made you think of getting one of those luxury paris apartments for rent and settling in France for good? Waking up to this amazing view every single day will surely be a very wonderful experience.

According to Wikipedia, Semur En Auxois has a medieval core and was built on pink granite bluff  more than half

Top 3 Travel Must-Haves

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a traveler’s must-haves

I am sure you pack up a storm whenever you travel, but the wisest and most convenient way to go about it is to pack light and pack only the essentials so you can ensure your comfort even while you are on the go. Depending on your destination and the number of days that you will be away, bring only the basic stuff that you know you cannot do without while you are on travel, so forget bringing about a dozen change of clothing and leave the stuffed bear at home, unless you are traveling with a child!

If you are a seasoned traveler I am sure you know the drill and that you already have the art of packing for travel down pat, but for green horn jet-setters here are a few things you need to bear in mind while prepping up for your next travel:

  • Wear a comfy pair of shoes ~ count that you will be doing a lot of walking, and running even, while you are out traveling so make sure you pack the most comfortable shoes, like your soft ballet flats, perhaps you have in your stash to ensure that your footsies are in their best shape while you do your very own exploration of a new place
  • Rock the backpack ~ while on travel, it is most ideal to carry a big backpack without you so you have both hands free to check out the souvenirs for sale at the local shop or to take photos of the scenic views. Also, a backpack is most ideal so you can have all your travel essentials stashed safely in one place, as well as stowing your pasalubong later on.
  • Don’t forget your camera ~ of course, a travel will not be complete if you will not be snapping photographs of every place you have been and all the lovely people you have traveled with. A nice point-and-shoot camera with zoom will do the trick, plus it is easy to lag around while you are walking on foot or hiking atop a mountain range. Water-proof and shock-proof features are also ideal.

I am sure you can master the art of packing for travel in no time. And while you are in practice, do not forget to check out where you can choose from a wide variety of travel essentials at very reasonable prices to stock up for your next travel. They even offer free shipping for most of their items to give you more value for your money and provide you with utmost online shopping convenience.