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Buses On Stamps

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For this week’s Sunday Stamps, we are supposed to share cars, but unfortunately I have already featured some of the nice car stamps I received in this post and I cannot seem to find another one. So, in the hopes of staying with the theme {and with a little prayer that our meme host will not penalize me}, I am sharing this lovely bus stamp, instead.

This is the only bus stamp I can dig up from my stash at the moment. It was sent to me about a week ago by a dear friend from my former work who went to Hong Kong recently. This features the Albion Coach, which is probably one of the primary mode of transportation there. I am just not sure whether these coaches still operates now. I think I will find out when I visit the place one day!

I wish there were more stamps to share, but I will sure to revise this post as soon as I stumble upon something. Have a sunny Sunday and may we all enjoy this day. Oh and do not forget to share your latest stamp acquisition in a comment below, right?

A Guide to Taking Your iPad Abroad

The iPad was designed with travel in mind. Instead of taking a bulky laptop with a short battery on holiday, many people prefer to just take their iPad since it’s small and very useful when travelling. Since you can access your library of music, movies, and books without an internet connection, as well as edit documents and play games, the iPad makes for a perfect travel companion.

Important Accessories for Travelling

If you just take your iPad on a trip, you’ll likely realise shortly after that you probably could have bought some supplies to make the experience a little more enjoyable. Always make sure you take a charger, and possibly an extra cable with you just in-case, especially for a plane ride where you can’t just purchase another. Headphones are a must have, regardless of if you’re travelling by car or plane; nobody wants to hear your music or movie when they likely have one of their own playing.

Other than that, you may want to consider taking a heavy duty case, especially if your iPad is going to be sitting in your luggage or anywhere that it could get damaged. Attachable keyboards are great for editing documents on the go, but unless you plan on actually working with text you could probably avoid taking one.

Prepare for the Worst with Insurance

You may not know this, but you can actually get insurance for your iPad. There are quite a few companies that offer iPad insurance that covers you if your device is lost, stolen or damaged. The usual rate for iPad insurance ranges anywhere from £4 – £6 a month, or roughly £30 per year. You may not want to purchase insurance if your iPad doesn’t get much use or doesn’t leave your house very often, but if you’re a frequent traveller, look into Protect Your Bubble iPad insurance.

Alternatively, you could opt to download some apps to your iPad from the Apple store which enable you to trace your iPad via GPS. This is incredibly useful if it is lost or stolen, though you must read the small print as you may need to register your device for the app to work correctly.

Internet Access on Your iPad While Travelling

Depending on how you use your iPad, it may or may not be worth finding some way to access the internet while travelling. If you already have a 3G or 4G iPad with a monthly fee, you shouldn’t have to worry about this since you’ve got access pretty much everywhere. However, for those who just have a standard iPad with no 3G/4G connection, there are a few alternatives.

The easiest and most affordable would be to purchase a HotSpot service plan on your smartphone if possible. Essentially, your smartphone would then be able to broadcast its 3G or 4G network and allow you to connect through that with your iPad. Usually the cost of this can range anywhere from £10 – £30 per month, but this usually is based on your phone service provider and how much data you plan on using. Do keep in mind that utilising 3G/4G internet abroad can work out to be incredibly expensive so if in doubt, opt for Wi-Fi.

Where-To-Weekend: Intramuros Pasyal Sunday

Where-to-weekend, travel, Manila, IntramurosIf you have not made plans for the weekend yet, you might as well check out the Intramuros Pasyal Sunday with your family and friends, happening on 20 October, between 1pm to 9pm. This is in celebration of Indigenous People’s Month.

Dubbes as a FREE Car-less Sunday, Intramuros Pasyal Sunday will be all about walking the walled city with your family and friends. Participate in the Street Fair, listen to street musicians and drummers, shop from a bevy of street markets {and did I tell one of our Postcrossing Enthusiasts members will be there to sell postcards, FDC’s, stamps and other collectibles at very reasonable prices?}, and sample a number of mouth-watering street foods from different food trucks. You can even bring your bike and your dog, too! This is your chance to stroll around Manila like never before.

If I get lucky, I will be there with the little man to join our Postcrossing Meet-up and check out this event afterwards, so see there!

For more information about this event, you might want to hover over the VivaManila Facebook Page.

Postcard Frenzy

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the little man with our parcel, in front of the Malolos Main Post Office

Late in August, a fellow Postcrossing Enthusiast member offered to buy me a number of postcards from this bookstore in Greenhills which I have never visited before and have no prospect of visiting soon. The bookstore is slated to close down very soon so they are putting up most of their stocks on sale.

postcards, swapping, postcrossing

Last Thursday, a parcel arrived in the Post Office for me and to say that I was very excited to open it is really quite an understatement! I am thrilled at the sight of it, having waited for it for a couple of weeks. You can just probably imagine the surprise I got when I opened the envelope and saw a bunch of lovely postcards. I bought about a hundred cards in different beautiful designs.

My favorites will have to be the whales and the vintage postcards from several decades ago. It might take a while for me to update my swap album,  but I will make sure to update here, too, once I did. I shall be swapping these babies with UNESCO Heritage Sites, map cards and Disney cards that I do not have in my collection. I hope to swap with you soon!

Thank you so much sis Annie for buying all these beautiful cards for me! ^_^