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Sunday Stamps: Mahal Kita Stamps

Sunday Stamps, stamps, Philippines, commemorative stamps

It was been sometime since I joined Sunday Stamps I really need to get my stamps photographed and organized so I won’t have to rummage for one whenever I wanted to join a specific theme. Oh well, good thing that for this week we can post about anything we wish, so am sharing this lovely Mahal Kita stamps I got last week through our Valentine’s Day Swap.

Sunday Stamps, stamps, Philippines, commemorative stamps

Mahal Kita translates to I love You and rather quite timely, these stamps are released in time for Valentine’s Day this year. According to the Phil Post website,, this colorful artwork depicting a man’s affection towards a woman through serenading with music, giving flowers and writing love letters, was designed by a St. Stephen High School student, Jamia Mei Tolentino, who won last year’s On The Spot stamp design contest which was held at selected Robinson’s mall branches in the country November of last year.

According to the website, 55,000 pieces of these stamps were released, apparently as of this writing it has yet to reach a single local Post Office in Malolos as I was not able to get even 1 piece of this. I just wish commemorative stamps like these are easy to find around here just like these cool road case. Oh well, good thing I was able to receive a couple in the mail. Thanks to fellow postcrossers Rence and Philip for using these stamps on their cards!


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