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Top 4 Things To Do When Visiting Ireland

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The Giant’s Causeway

Are you planning to tour Ireland? This North Atlantic country has one of best natural landscapes and breathtaking sceneries in the world. It hosts The Giant’s Causeway, the most dramatic natural wonder in Europe. This landscape consists of a myriad of basalt rock columns that were created as a result of volcanic activity. Ireland also has an assortment of beguiling islands and national parks that will tickle your fancy. If you’re wondering where to start, can help you plan an exciting Ireland excursion all down to a tee.

Here are the top 4 things to do when visiting Ireland:

Get a tour of ‘Game of Thrones’ film locations

If you’re the ultimate GoT fan, it’s time you crossed this expedition off your bucket list. Ireland is the proud host of the most scintillating film locations around the world. Spend a full day exploring the breathtaking locations where Game of Thrones is filmed. The tour includes a trip to the Dark Hedges, the Giant’s Causeway, the Ballintoy Harbor and other top attractions in the country. The trip is surprisingly affordable, so it’s something you can enjoy with the entire family. You’ll definitely love the natural wonders that Mother Nature has to offer.

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Mailday Tuesday {02.09}

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It felt like ages ago since I have last been to the local Post Office to mail postcards and I am just glad that I was able to find the time to write on the cards yesterday to be able to post them all today. My swaps are a bit delayed and the cards for ought to have been sent weeks ago, but I hope my swapmates and pals from the postcrossing site won’t mind. It took me awhile to finish putting the stamps on the cards but I really enjoyed the exercise, I just wish I had more stamp designs to choose from.

Here is the list of the cards I posted today, see if you can find your name in it! 🙂

Direct Swap

  1. Nicoletta P, Italy ~ Fort Santiago big, black card
  2. Lai S, Malaysia ~ Dinagat Island card
  3. Arnold P, TX ~ Ati-Atihan big, black card
  4. Katerina H, Czech Republic ~ Batanes card
  5. Akhil K, India ~ Fort Santiago meet-up card

  1. Karin B, Germany ~ Dinagat Island
  2. Serhiy L, Ukraine ~ Pasig River
  3. Darafey Y, Belarus ~ Bacolod Fishing Port
  4. Marketa K, Czech Republic ~ Manila City Hall
  5. Marjatta A, Finland ~ Tubbataha Reef
  6. Ankit A, India ~  Cigarmakers at the turn of the century vintage card
  7. Sugar, China ~ Fruit stand in Tagaytay
  8. Larry D, USA ~ Balot Vendor by Vicente Manansala
  9. Master Leo M, UK ~ Owl
  10. Astrid G, Germany ~ Bacolod Fish Port
  11. Ada P, The Netherlands ~ Batanes
  12. Alekseeva N, Russian Federation ~ Spring River in Antique

I do hope these cards will reach their respective destinations safe and fast. Time now to look for more swaps so that I might be able to complete my numerous collections. Will be hitting a couple of our postcrossing group on Facebook after I am done helping the little man with his homework and after I finished reading about this awesome stuff On Sale!

Don’t You Think It Is Cool To Go To The Zoo?

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zoo, Zoobic Safari, travel, educational places for children to visit, destination

face-to-face with one of the famous attractions at the zoo

The zoo is one of the coolest place to bring the children and the family, in my opinion. It is no wonder why I make it an effort to bring the little man to one whenever we get the chance. On his 2nd birthday, we brought him to Zoobic Safari so he can see and marvel at the many amazing animals found there. It was one of the best trips he enjoyed and went on and on about the animals of different kinds that we saw during our visit. The smile of satisfaction on his face that day was enough to compensate the aching muscles and the trouble we had to go through to get to Subic, not to mention his tale of recollection of our visit many years after we’ve been there!

zoo, Zoobic Safari, travel, educational places for children to visit, destination

okay baby, where do we go next? ^_^

In this day when everyone is occupied with their gadgets and social media accounts, and would rather opt to stay lying in the couch all day in front of the telly or tinkering with their smartphones or tablets and other gadgets, it is a must that we make an effort to expose our children to nature to appreciate and enjoy it more and to bring them to the zoo when we can so they can have more time to commune with creatures they would otherwise not encounter in their lives. It is good that most zoos now are repackaging their attractions and turning them into theme parks and one-stop outdoor destination for the whole family.

One of the companies that have been successful into turning their zoo attractions to places where children can have once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like petting a tiger or feeding farm animals and meeting face-to-face with exotic birds and animals, as well as give them hours and hours of outdoor fun, is the Zoomanity Group. They have numerous attractions in various locations in the country that families can go to during long weekends, holidays or during special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

The Zoomanity Group

zoo, Zoobic Safari, travel, educational places for children to visit, destination

The Zoomanity Group envisions their zoos to be the best animal theme park in the country and create the happiest places that combines visitor entertainment and amusement with education, preservation and animal welfare. Continue reading

A Postcard From Starring You

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This Hongkong Postcard is the 3rd card I got from Starring You, if my memory will serve me right. It is always a joy to receive a postcard in the mail, especially if it is a surprise! For those who are in the know, Starring You is a Facebook Page that aims to spread postcrossing everywhere and sends a free postcard to anyone who messaged them with their mailing details. Isn’t this a cool idea to spread postcrossing to the world and to think that they even do this free of charge!

Here is a brief description about Starring You I’ve chanced upon on their Fan Page:

Nowadays we receive electronic messages via Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, MSN and many other online media. Did we forget how it was to receive something tangible from the mailman? A card or a letter from another city, country or perhaps even from another continent. We’ll write you a personal message from one of the wonderful places we’ll visit and this message will travel all the way to your home. 

Our mission is to share as many beautiful places as possible with everybody who’s interested. Not everybody has the time, the means or the opportunity to travel, but via Starring You we hope to take you all with us around the world!

Sometimes we will also surprise you by sending you the banknotes or coins that we’ve got left from the countries that we’ve visited!

The service is completely for free, because of our donors. After receiving your first handwritten mail you can decide to donate, but that’s completely on voluntary basis. Sometimes we do something special for our donors. For example, the postcards from Malawi and Zambia were exclusively for the people who help us financially. For support via PayPal you can use this address: If you have any questions about supporting Starring You, just write us a message for more information.

Our team consists out of Michael, a former student from The Netherlands, and some people who help him to keep everything running smoothly.

postcards, smile cards, special postcards, Starring You

Starring You have been in so many different countries, including Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and a bunch of others. In August, they visited Hong Kong, Macau, The Netherlands and Belgium. I think they also went to Japan. Some wonderful time they sure are having exploring and traveling the world, right? I won’t mind doing the same, if given the chance!

Big shout outs to Starring You for taking the time to write out this card for me in between their trips. I particularly love receiving their surprise cards because of the many stars they lovingly wrote at the back. How many do you think these are?

Anyway, I will find time to look for the other cards Starring You sent me this weekend so that I might share them here, too. Do stay tuned for that and a lovely weekend to all!