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A New Philippine Map Card For Swap

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Postcrossing enthusiast consider this a rare map card as you will not usually see this design at local bookstores. Some say, you can buy these cards at the airport but they sell it at a rather steep price. I once received a copy of this from a postcrosser friend but I would really like to send this to my swap mates from different countries, too.

Philippines, postcards, map cards

That is why I am glad to see a bunch of these postcards when we visited Intramuros during the Pasyal Sunday event not too long ago. These cards are available at Manazan Handicrafts shop located just outside of Fort Santiago. There are many beautiful postcard designs on hand, so you will not run out of cards to choose from and I am betting you will find it hard to resist hoarding on cards you will probably not find anywhere else. Apart from beautiful cards, Mananzan Handicrafts also sell a lot of beautiful local products and handicrafts, including accessories, home decor, clothing articles, and jewelries made from local indigenous materials. I am not entirely sure whether they also have magnetic bracelets available, but there are loads of different interesting items to choose from. I am sure anyone who visit will not go home empty handed. Mananzan Handicrafts is a great place to stop by whenever you visit Manila or Intramuros, I am sure you will enjoy each visit.

By the way, I am swapping these rare Philippine map cards for UNESCO World Heritage cards I do not have in my collection, US State Map Cards that I am missing, Harry Potter or Disney cards the little man do not have yet, as well as British Royal Family cards. Leave a comment for your offers. You can also see the rest of my cards in my swap album.

Papal Stamps Exhibit At SM City North EDSA ~ The Block

We may not able to catch the Holy Father during his recent visit to the country, but atleast we managed to catch the Papal Stamps Exhibit at The Block {SM City North EDSA}. The exhibit lasted during Pope Francis’ several-day visit and has the same theme, too, Mercy and Compassion. It highlighted local stamps featuring the Holy See, as well as old stamp designs featuring previous popes.

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the little man had his photo taken with the Holy Father’s life-sized standee

I was not able to scrutinize each of the stamps on display during our visit, but I was able to take a snap of some of the displays they have. A number of stamps featuring Pope John Paul II were also on display.

stamps, commemorative stamps, Philippines

this Souvenir Sheet is a commemoration of Pope John Paul II’s visit in 1995 {the same year when the Philippine’s played host to World Youth Day}

I noticed that they were also selling a lot of Pope Francis stamps, but I decided against buying some as they were actually exorbitantly priced and I was sure I can get some at regular price in the local Post Office or from a fellow Postcrossing group member. And true enough, I was able to ask a postcrosser friend to get me these stamps. They were also available at the local PO branch when I went there to post some cards. Continue reading

Sunday Stamps: Pasko 2014 Stamps

I have not been really active with swapping postcards of late as I’ve one too many preoccupations, but I managed to swap a couple of cards over the course of 2 weeks and look what I got in the mail recently along with the lovely card ~ this lovely Pasko 2014 stamp, which was recently released in our country.

Here is a brief description about the Pasko 2014 stamps from phlpost.gov.ph:

Block of 4 stamps depicting the Filipino Christmas in artwork and when put side by side in a block of four, the four stamps form the Filipino lantern in the middle.

  • Stamp 1 features the new born Jesus with Mary and Joseph in traditional Filipino clothing
  • Stamp 2 features the all time favorite Christmas caroling
  • Stamp 3 “Pagmamano”, a symbol of respect for elderly Filipinos
  • Stamp 4 is an illustration of the traditional Noche Buena or the Christmas Eve feast of every Filipino family

Thank you so much Raine for sending me the lovely card along with the stamp. Hopefully I’d be able to get some of these stamps when I visit the local Post Office to send some cards next week.

To see more beautiful stamps, do visit the other entries for this week’s:

second image is from www.phlpost.gov.ph

So Many Reasons To Feel At Home In Sampaloc, Quezon

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The province of Quezon is a place rich in nature, culture, and history, and it is one of my most favorite places I’ve been that I am really looking forward to going back there soon with my little man, this time around! If in case you plan to visit this Southern Luzon province one of these days, you should not miss visiting the town of Sampaloc.

Sampaloc is situated right in a valley that is completely surrounded by hills in the heart of the Sierra Madre mountain range, just between the towns of Lucban and Mauban. The town was formerly known to local folks as Barrio Dingin of Lucban town, and consisted of only three sitios. It was later named Sampaloc after a big tamarind tree that stood in the center of the barrio. In 1902, Sampaloc was officially declared a town.

A visit to this town reveals various breathtaking sights: the scenery, the culture, its festivals and most especially its native delicacies. Sampaloc is a must-see and must-travel-to destination on your next trip out of town.

press release, travel, destination, Philippines, Quezon Province, local summer destination, summer

“I want Sampaloc to be known as a peaceful and progressive town” says Sampaloc Municipal Mayor Emmanuel Torres. “We are continuously doing a lot of projects to attract local guests and tourists to come and visit the town. We aim to make our municipality a must-see in the list of tourist destinations in the Philippines.”

press release, travel, destination, Philippines, Quezon Province, local summer destination, summer

This April, Sampaloc spreads out the red carpet with its Bulihan Festival simultaneously being held during the town fiesta. This has been going on for years now, but it was only in 2010 when Mayor Torres decided to promote the occasion.

“This is something I want to highlight in our municipality: the importance of the Bulihan Festival. Through this, we are able to promote tourism. I see this as a legacy I would like to leave to my constituents. For sure, future generations, especially the youth of our country, will really benefit from it,” says the mayor.

Now on its fourth year, the Bulihan Festival is a celebration of culture, creativity, fun, amusement and displays of native products and delicacies as concocted by the Sampalukins.

press release, travel, destination, Philippines, Quezon Province, local summer destination, summer

Guests are welcomed with a smile. The excitement is palpable when you watch the street dancing, as officials and townsfolk clad in costumes made of buri make merry as they parade around the town. Feast your eyes on amazing artworks of houses adorned with colorful buri products. Of course, the festival would not be complete without a showcase of authentic Sampaloc dishes and delicacies.

press release, travel, destination, Philippines, Quezon Province, local summer destination, summer

Torres has encouraged his constituents to invite their friends from around the country to drop by during the festival.

“There’s so much fun and excitement here. I hope they will visit us soon. Discover Sampaloc now,” he says.

press release, travel, destination, Philippines, Quezon Province, local summer destination, summer

When you go around the town, you will be witness to the rich cultural heritage that makes this town unique. The historic Tower House at the corner of Quezon Avenue and Gagan Street in Barangay San Isidro is made of yakal and adobe. It was a popular venue long time ago to host special guests visiting the town. Another landmark in Barangay San Isidro is the Old House originally built in 1924.  It was one of the biggest houses in the town at that time. Japanese forces used it as a garrison during the Second World War.

Nature lovers have much to enjoy here, too. Hangga Falls in Barangay Bataan is one of the most popular sights in Sampaloc. The water flows from Maapon River in Lucban all the way to the town of Sampaloc. There are no vehicles to take you to Hangga Falls. It is a three-hour walk to get there and back. Other natural attractions include Buho Falls in Barangay Bataan, and Asedillo Falls in Barangay Caldong. For those who fancy old structures and architecture, the Spanish Arch Bridge and Spanish Road constructed in 888 should also be included in your destination.

press release, travel, destination, Philippines, Quezon Province, local summer destination, summer

A visit to Sampaloc will not be complete without the hair-raising experience of crossing Guinto Bridge, a wooden bridge that hangs solely by cables. What’s more, only three people are allowed to cross the bridge at a time for safety reasons. The sight of the rushing water of Maapon River, which runs under the bridge, is an exciting sight.

All these are reasons enough to visit the town of Sampaloc during the school break. All these sights and attractions will surely make your trip here a memorable one. Tour packages are also available for those who would like to visit with their families or group of friends.

Sampaloc Municipal Planning and Development Office
Contact Ms. Tina Poblete

:phone: {042}555-83-42 and {042}716-0011
:mail: LGU_sampalocquezon@yahoo.comxtiantina@gmail.com.ph and nabracia@yahoo.com

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