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my first mapcard

This is the very first map card I have ever received. It features the beautiful outline of Pennsylvania, or more popularly known as The Keystone State.

According to Mr. Wiki:

Pennsylvania, which is also nicknamed The Keystone State, Quaker Star, Oil State or the State of Independence, is located in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. The State capital is Harrisburg + the most populous cities include Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Allentown + Eerie.

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50 us states mapcards

postcards, 50 US States Map cards

It will be such a delight if I can collect map cards of all the 50 US States, it sure is a good way to learn a little about all those lovely states + to keep a little memento of each one stashed in my postcards envelope. Do let me know if you’re interested to swap with me, right? Just drop me a line thru my contact form. States in yellow means I’ve already got a postcard of that State in my collection.

1. Alabama (AL)

2. Alaska (AK)

3. Arizona (AZ)

4. Arkansas (AR)

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campaining for puerto princesa underground river

This post was inspired by Postcard Enthusiast + Travelling Momma..

One of the many beautiful features of Palawan, dubbed as The Last Frontier, is the breathtaking + captivating Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park {PPSRNP} or simply, The Puerto Princesa Underground River, which is home to a very rich biodiversity conservation area in our country. With an 8.2 kilometer navigable underground river, it was once reputed as the world’s longest. One of its most distinguished features is winding into a cave before directly flowing into the South China Sea. It also has major stalactites + stalagmites formation + is home to a very diverse animal specie, including 9 different bat specie. The park also boast of the centuries-old sea cow relic found embedded in one of its walls.

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weekend blog follower caravan #27

Welcome to another edition of Weekend Blog Follower Caravan + this time we are to like other participants Facebook Fanpages {which is very timely, as this quite-new blog is really needing some Facebook love!}. My Facebook Page widget is just right there on my sidebar, {just make sure to click the home tab}so feel free to click + I will be sure to return the favor 🙂 While you’re here you might as well check out this lovely postcard I got from our recent trip to Zoobic Safari + check out my very first giveaway, where you will get to win this very same postcard along with other exciting items! Thanks! 🙂

I shall be traversing onto other participants’ entries in a few, so I hope you join WBFC this week + see you around!

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a weekly blogger-supports-blogger hop, which is a very effective way for us to gain more likes, followers + hopefully, forge new online friendships. For details about WBFC + how to participate, just click on that lovely badge to visit the site. + kudos to this week’s sponsors, Work at Home Wife and Mother and Stay at Home Wife and Mother

Happy Sunday one + all!