malolos city ~ my hometown

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Malolos had been my hometown since we first moved here when I was about 7 {yeah, all those many years ago!}. Originally from Taguig, my parents decided to uproot the entire family + start anew in this thriving town 45 kilometers North of Metro Manila.

Malolos City, Barasoain Church

Malolos, comprised of 51 barangays, which officially became a city in November of 2002, is known for the historical Barasoain Church,  where the First Philippine Republic was formed in 1898. The city also became the country’s capital for a short period of time. I went to College next door to the church, so I get to visit it often + will usually attend our first Friday masses there.

You will be in for one historical + cultural adventure when you visit our city. Check out historical spots + landmarks which have been part our rich cultural history. You can also drop by any of the museums that are situated in the city, Casa Real + the Barasoain Museum ought to be in your itinerary!

I do hope you get to visit Malolos City soon 😉

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