my first mapcard

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This is the very first map card I have ever received. It features the beautiful outline of Pennsylvania, or more popularly known as The Keystone State.

According to Mr. Wiki:

Pennsylvania, which is also nicknamed The Keystone State, Quaker Star, Oil State or the State of Independence, is located in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. The State capital is Harrisburg + the most populous cities include Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Allentown + Eerie.

Pennsylvania has a very diverse topography producing an equally diverse variety of climates ranging from humid continental to a humid subtropical climates in different parts of the State. It was home of the first commercially drilled oil well which paved the way to the very first major oil boom in the country’s history. It is known for a notable number of amusement parks, which includes Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom + Thunderhawk {located in Allentown}. It is also home to Splash Lagoon, the largest indoor water park in the East Coast found in Eerie. 

Pennsylvania is also distinguished for its numerous music festival including The Philadelphia Folk Festival + Musicfest.

This lovely map card is sent by Shiela, who blogs at Picture My World. Thanks, sis! 😉

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