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I was finally able to visit the post office + mail a number of postcards which I’ve prepared a few weeks back.  Last Wednesday, I tagged the little man along + went to town {the recent typhoons prevented us from going out much the past couple of weeks}.

Here’s the list of my mailed postcards, check out if you’ll be expecting something in your mailbox in the next days:

Birthday Postcards

  1. Cheerful D. {Palawan Underground River}, Cambodia
  2. Nadia B. {Bohol}, Tunisia
  3. Haze H. {Vigan}, USA
Postcrossing Enthusiasts
  1. Genebei Faith S. {Luzon map card}, Thailand
  2. Haze H. {Cebu + Bohol map card}, USA
  3. Haze H. {Palawan map card}, USA
  4. Col. Akhil K. {Barasoain postcard},  India
  5. Jaymee-Lee W. {Barasoain postcard}, USA
  6. Mel C. {Obando Festival}, USA
  7. Simona W. {Mt. Makiling}, GE
  8. Maria K. {Barasoain Church}, GE
  9. Edge A. {Villa Escudero}, PH
  10. Simona W. {Taal Basilica}, GE
  11. Edge A. {Taal Basilica}, PH
Smile Cards
  1. Donna C {Barasoain postcard}, PH
  2. Maria D {Barasoain postcard}, USA
  3. Joanne G {Barasoain postcard}, PH
  4. Karen T {Barasoain postcard}, PH

2 thoughts on “postcards sent

    1. jareds_mum

      oh gosh, I already sent the postcards sis! last week! i hope they will reach you before winter starts..let me know! thanks


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