the zamboanga la hermosa festival

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If there is another festival I would like to be in this October, it has to be the Hermosa Festival in Zamboanga, which is more popularly known as Fiesta Pilar, in honor of the miraculous Our Lady of the Pillar {her own fiesta is held every October 12}. This month-long festivities which include {from Wiki}:

  • street dance competition
  • Wow Zamboanga which showcases tastes + talents of different barangays
  • talent search + beauty pageants
  • Cosechas de Zamboanga
  • sports fest
  • agriculture trade fairs
  • musical shows + concerts
  • Regatta de Zamboanga where the colorful vintas of the province race
I have never been to Zamboanga + have never seen a vinta in my life, I am sure it will be a very worthwhile experience if I do.
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1 thought on “the zamboanga la hermosa festival

  1. Rcel

    That’s really interesting! And I wanna see a real Vinta show. Dyan sa Zamboanga lang siguro ako makakakita nyan ah.

    Late TT visit! My entry is a BEACH DANCING FEST which I accidentally witnessed! Hope you can check it out! 🙂


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