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Given that this travel blog was down for a while yesterday, I will be extending the giveaway for a few more days so that more people can join! You’ve got until the 8th of November to join + hopefully, win! 🙂

Prize Update: I did mention I still have to confirm with the groupon site whether I can transfer the Zoobic Safari voucher as a gift, but, alas, I made a mistake buying it for my personal use when I purchased it along with the vouchers we used on my son’s birthday. Mea culpa!  So, I’ll throw in $10 Paypal Cash equivalent in lieu of the Zoobic Safari vouchers.

Also, I will be adding a Php1000-worth of AheadPro GC {valid until 30 November 2011} to the Traveller’s Essential Kit, which will be won by a lucky contest participant from Metro Manila, as the Aheadpro Campuses are located in the city. I will have a separate draw for this particular prize to include only those that are from NCR {using}.

Other prizes are still open worldwide as originally stated.

That ought to make our little giveaway a little more exciting! I do hope you join now if you haven’t already. Check out the Rafflecopter widget here 🙂

Note: Those who will unsubscribe, unfollow or unlike will be disqualified from joining future giveaways here + in my other blogs, too!

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