sending postcards on 11.11.11

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It has been sometime since I visited the post office, so I have a bagful of postcards to mail now! I am preparing some more, so I can send some friends one on 11.11.11!

Here’s the list of people who will receive a postcard {or maybe two!} from me :

Round Robin 4 – Postcrossing Enthusiasts

  • Sandra R, PH (Dalit Festival)
  • Eleanor A. PH (Tuna Festival)
  • Akhil K, India (Dalit Festival)
  • Stacy C, Taiwan (Tuna Festival)


  • Renalyn L  (Palawan)
  • Eleanor A (Batad Rice Terraces)
  • Sigrid L (Hidden Valley Springs)
  • Arlene C (Sakuting Dance)
  • Sheng A (Pahiyas Festival)
  • Willa Stock (Guimaras Island)
  • Joelle A (Puerto Princesa Undeground River)
  • Jenny SD (Pagsanjan Falls)
  • Ruby R (Pagsanjan Falls)
  • Fe M (Coron)
  • Ciel E (Ilocos)
  • Arlene C (Luzon Mapcard)


  • Guiseppe R, Italy (Barasoain Church, Magellan’s Cross, El Nido, Zoobic Safari, Avilon Zoo – in an envelope)
  • Laura H, USA (Avilon Zoo, Barasoain, Matabungkay, Guitar Making in Cebu – in an envelope)
  • Jennefer B, USA (El Nido, Guimaras – in an envelope)
  • Rowena D, UK (Manila Black)
  • Roberto I, Italy (Negros, Banaue)
  • Jesselyn L, USA (Mt. Makiling)
  • Jesselyn L, USA (Zoobic Safari)
  • Genebei S, TH (Barasoain)
  • Sridhar R, India (Barasoain)
  • James B, USA (Barasoain)
  • Clarissa S, Japan (Pottery Making)
  • Demcy D, TX (Guimaras Island)
  • Ivy Marie A, KSA (Cebu Mapcard)
  • Joao F, Portugal (Sagada-Banaue Mapcard)
  • Erica Chan, Malaysia (Sagada Mapcard)
  • Akulova D, Russian Federation (Pahiyas Festival)
  • Cheerful D, Thailand (Taal Volcano)
Birthday Postcards
  • Mel Cole, USA (Busuanga)
  • Simona W, Germany (Manila Black)
  • Gibson R, MI (Villa Escudero Carabao)
  • Gianne C, PH (Zoobic Safari)
  • Edge A, Ph (Tiger Safari)
  • Raya G, TH (Luzon Mapcard)
  • Houda G, Morocco (Cebu)
  • Jessica N, The Netherlands (Hidden Valley Springs)
  • Clarissa S, Japan (Chocolate Hills)
  • Jonathan B, PH (Callao Cave)
  • Elisha E (c/o Jes L.), AK (Tuna Festival)
  • Manraj S, India (Luneta Park)
  • Aline C, Belgium (Fort Santiago – Rizal Shrine)
Found your name? I hope so + I hope I make your day once you received the postcard I sent 🙂

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