tuesday travels: family day in tagaytay

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Tagaytay sunset

It has been some time since I joined Tuesday Travels + I am glad to be sharing a travel adventure with you today. Here goes:

I was fortunate to be included in Nuffnang‘s Nuffamily Day in Crosswinds, Tagaytay in June. As the name suggested, it was a family day so bloggers went with their families to join the festivities. I went with my baby {it was his first time to visit Tagaytay} + my 2 sisters.  A couple of blogger friends were also present in the event, including fellow PMC mum, sis Eihdra, + my blogger friends, Vance + Daryll, with their families.

I have been to Tagaytay a few times, but I will always love the cool Baguio-like weather + the refreshing smell of pines that peppered the elevated park.

a snap with the pines

There are loads of fun games + enjoyable activities to participate in. I tried my luck in joining a couple of parlour games but our group did not win any prizes, nevertheless, I really had fun joining! A lot of other bloggers went home with exciting prizes, including a one-night accommodation for the entire family to Tagaytay Crosswinds. How cool is that, right? 🙂

lanterns lit the beautiful Tagaytay night sky

It was a good thing weather was cooperative that day, that as dawn approaches we were able to light lanterns, a la Rapunzel in her latest film adaptation, Tangled, which my little man really enjoyed. This is the highlight of the event, really. + even if it took us awhile to make our lantern float in the air, it was one of the first ones that did + it was truly a scenic view to marvel at + everyone had a wonderful time trying their hands on their lanterns.

visiting Christmas Village

Before leaving Tagaytay, we also paid a quick visit to the Christmas Village, where the little tykes are  treated to sweets + treats + a glimpse at the Christmas house full of toys + Holiday goodies. We also went home with a bagful of giveaways + freebies from generous sponsors.

13 thoughts on “tuesday travels: family day in tagaytay

  1. Marites

    I love Tagaytay. I do hope there won’t be more buildings there so the cold weather stays as it is. visiting thru Tuesday Travels here.

  2. emzkie

    i went to tagaytay a long time ago.. like 13years, when we had our school trip. the place was beautiful. but i was a bit disappointed at the skyline? skyline yata yun.. i cant remember the name. the place was full of trash, everywhere we go.. there are trash on the ground. and it was so crowded. i guess the eraserheads where supposed to have a concert that time at the park. but anyhow.. i still like to go back here and feel the cool breeze. =)


  3. Jessica

    beautiful pictures of Tagaytay, loved them all 🙂 It looks liked your family had a wonderful time in Tagaytay. I nver been to Tagaytay. Dropping some love for Tuesdays Travel, hope that you can return the favor too.

    1. jareds_mum

      I hope you can visit Tagaytay very soon. Weather will be particularly colder now that Christmas season is drawing near..thanks for the visit, I have not started visiting other entries, too, but am heading to your entry now 🙂


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