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postcard perfect: serra da lousa, portugal

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This beautiful + quaint rock house is part of Serra Da Lousa, situated in the quiet mountains of Gebirsgsdorf in Portugal. Serra Da Lousa, which literally translates to Lousa’s Mountain, is also part of the natural + cultural heritage of the municipality of Lousa. This recovered house now serve as a shop selling regional sweets.

This is one of the firsts, if not the very first, postcards I received from Portugal. This was mailed to me by Joao, thru a private swap.

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tuesday travel: christmas at enchanted kingdom

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We have recently created a new family tradition of going somewhere we’ve never been before on Christmas Day. We started this last year + decided to go to Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna with the whole family + our cousin, Dennis, who also happens to be the little man’s godfather.

tueday travel, christmas, travel, destination, enchanted kingdom

It was a whole day of fun + new experience, not to mention endless queues + loads of rushing people about. But all in all, it was something we all enjoyed + would love to do all over again, minus the hassle of commuting, that is! This year, we have not decided on where to go for our annual celebration, but am thinking of some place nearer so we won’t have such a hard time taking public transportation, maybe somewhere in Pampanga or nearby, will be a good idea. Any suggestions? ^_^

Check out the rest of our Christmas travel story here. + while you’re here, you might want to check out my humble giveaway, which should be ending very soon. Thanks!

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a pink postcard from belgium

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I got this very pink postcard from the mail a couple of weeks ago! It sure is a very nice postcard with a sweet “Have a Nice Day” message. Am not sure what these are, though. They can be lanterns or Christmas ornaments. Neither the postcard or the sender clarified it. But it sure made my day when I got it!

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Here’s what the sender wrote:

To send a postcard is a good way to go somewhere  without moving anything but your heart!

I guess this is a clear indication that the sender is as sweet as her postcard ^_^ Got this from Aline, a fellow in Postcrossing Enthusiast. I love the penmanship + the equally interesting stamps she used for the card:

postcards, souvenirsThanks for swapping with me. This is also my first card from Belgium.

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