tuesday travel: christmas all over the world

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Tuesday Travel, travel, Christmas

A few weeks back, we were able to witness SM Pampanga’s launch of their Christmas Around The World Display, where replicas of famed landmarks all around the world, including The Netherlands windmills, Italy’s gondolas, United States’ Statue of Liberty, England’s Big Ben were unveiled. These are installed to add in to the feel of Christmas + to become additional attraction to the mall’s patrons + shoppers.

Tuesday Travel, travel, Christmas, SM PampangaWe had a great time pausing in front of the different famous landmarks + the little man had a blast playing with the larger than life gift displays + the colorful confetti 🙂 I am only glad his tita agreed to tag along so we can have a volunteer photographer ^_^ Check out more of our photos here + here.

Even though we get to travel on our own going to the venue, using public transportation at that, I really look forward to bringing the little man to places like this ’cause I know it will be something we will both enjoy!

Got any Christmas travels or Holiday Sights + Sites you’d like to share? Please do so at Tuesday Travels, which, by the way, is now under a new host, all throughout this Christmas month. 🙂

6 thoughts on “tuesday travel: christmas all over the world

  1. Jessica

    awww glad that Jared visited the Christmas around the world 🙂 that is a neat experinced for her and for you too Mommy. Dropping some love for Tuesday Travels, hope that you can return the favor too.

  2. Travelholic

    That’s a nice event to go to for the holidays! Mabuti naman at may ganyan dyan! Makes the holiday become even more special, esp. when you check it our with your family! 🙂

    Visiting for TT as a host. Thanks for joining and I hope you can join in again next week!


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