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postcard wishlist: florida map card

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I would love to build up my collection of map cards this year + one of the many postcard that I would love to receive in the mail is this Florida map card. Imagine including Mickey Mouse in it, I just have to have one of these! 🙂

Mickey Mouse is one of my son’s ultimate favorites + I made a vow to bring him to Disney Land {in Hongkong} when he turns 7. I do not know how I’d manage to do that, with me being jobless + all, but I promise I will. If I can afford it, I would probably bring him to Disney Euro or The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. I bet he will have loads of fun staying at the Disney Hotel or any one of those plush yet affordable  Orlando Hotels + having his photographs taken with the world-famous mouse + the other well-loved Disney characters around. Oh well, that is probably wishful thinking, but who knows, I might win the lottery one day + afford to bring the little man to any destination he chooses by then 🙂

With the Disney Resort + other amusement parks, not to mention the numerous beaches, I bet one will never run out of fun things to do in Florida. Anyway, did you know that Florida was originally baptized as La Florida or The Flowery Land +  Tallahassee is the state capital. Aside from that, did you also know that it is the fourth most populous state + has the longest coastline in the U.S? You can check out this Facebook for more interesting trivia about Florida, meanwhile, let me just brood on how I’d manage to save enough to bring my little man there when the time comes. +, oh, do contact me in case you want to trade this card with me, right? 🙂

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mail day friday 01.27

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It has been a few weeks since I last visited the Post Office + I’m glad my sister agreed to mail my postcards last Friday, just so I won’t be too late in sending them out. Sorry for the delay, swap friends, I meant to send these postcards on time, but I was either too busy to go down the PO or have lost track of my swapping that I would just recall some of them at a much later time. But rest assured that I send all the postcards, albeit late, whenever I tell you that I did.

postcrossing, personal swap

+ guess who's hand that is? 😉

Anyway, here is the list of the postcards/receivers I had my sister send out today:

1. Giveaway winner:

  • Ria R, Naga City {Tiger Safari, Zoobic}

2. Personal/Direct Swap

  • Heather P, Canada {Luzon map card}
  • Grace A, Valenzuela {Sari-Sari store}
  • Liz M, La Union {Tamaraw Falls, Puerto Galera}
  • Catarina M, Portugal {Carabao + Jeepney Philippine Symbols}
  • Rhonna, QC {Pagmamano}
  • Jaime Alberto P, Mexico {Greetings from Banaue}
  • Sally J, Malaysia {Tricycle Philippine Symbol}
3. Postcrossing Enthusiast Meet-up Signed Card
  • Rhonna R, QC {Postcrossing postcard}
  • Alma L, Florida {Fort Santiago}
4. In an envelope
  • Clarissa S, Japan {Pagmamano + Boracay single view}
  • Elsayed K, Egypt {Barasoain  PE EB signed postcard + Postcrossing Enthusiast signed postcard}

I want to update all my pending swaps this month hopefully, so if ever you have swapped with me + you have not received any card by any chance, will you please be kind enough to give a buzz? Much appreciated 🙂

chinese new year giveaway

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

It’s time to ring in another Chinese New Year, + as I have mentioned awhile back, I have teamed up with The Coffee Chic and some other awesome bloggers to bring you the Chinese New Year Cash Giveaway, to welcome the year of the water dragon. Do try your luck + enter in the Rafflecopter widget for a chance to vie for $100, which can either be Paypal Cash or Amazon Card {winner’s choice}.

Simply follow several simple instructions including: like Facebook pages, follow Twitter Accounts, add Google pages in your circle and Subscribe via Email for a chance to bring home the prize. A lucky winner will be randomly selected and notified thru email or Facebook personal message. Winner will also be given 48 hours to respond, before a new winner will be drawn

So join now + try your luck. Giveaway ends on 29 January! 🙂

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a giveaway to usher in the chinese new year

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I know haven’t been making updates around here + I am most guilty, this blog had to take a backseat so I can update my other blogs + do other stuffs offline. It has been busy around here + this full-time mum can only do so much. Anyway, I have loads of new postcards I can’t wait to post here + a few things the little man + I have been up to.

Meanwhile, I am cooking up something that should pique your interest to usher in the water dragon, along with all the luck, of course, the Chinese New Year Giveaway, which should be up later on tonight. So I hope you come back later to join us! Click on the giveaway badge, if you’d like to sign up as sponsors, too!