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That is right, Mr. Google had a recent update + surprises of all surprises, this travel + postcard blog is now pr1! Woot! Thanks to my 4 readers. This baby has only been around for a little while + I am glad that it now has a pagerank of 1 🙂

Hopefully I can post more interesting travel + travel plan stories here. I also cannot wait to share a lot of beautiful postcards I have received through the mail lately, they are absolute pick-me-ups + I look forward to telling you all about them! I am also keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to update this more regularly. The last two months have been dismal + I was all to blame, really! Hopefully, it won’t happen again next month + so!

Also, I am updating my blogroll, too + would love to have you on board. Simply fill out this form + we are all set. Don’t forget to leave a comment saying you’re interested, so I’ll know, right? I will wait for your links 🙂

2 thoughts on “musings on meanderings is now pr1!

    1. musings on meanderings

      pagerank is an indication of how your site fares with google in terms of it linking dynamics + algorithm. the higher your pr indicates more links to different sites relevant to yours, + for people who monetize their blogs, pr is quite precious as it can also determine the amount you will get from advertisers who place ads on your blog 🙂


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