postcard perfect: a handmade postcard

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postcards, souvenirs

I posted about this postcard giveaway awhile back + after a few months, I was able to receive this lovely DIY postcards in the mail. I was amazed at the creativity of the people who designed this card + was amazed even further when I found out that the postcards are made from recycled materials. The cardboard back part is actually made from milk cartons! I can only imagine the amount of time + love put together to create this postcard. That is why I treasure it dearly 🙂

The lovely baby blue postcard also came with this equally lovely message at the back:

postcards, souvenirs

To see how this postcard was made, you can check out Gentle Universe’ blog.

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One thought on “postcard perfect: a handmade postcard

  1. Postcards Crossing

    Hello, Jared’s Mum!

    This is a pretty postcard. I have always been a fan of anything and everything handmade. You can feel the love and care the maker has put on this postcard.

    Thank you for visiting my entry earlier. Have a great weekend.


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