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of discounted hotels + uk tours

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The Abbey Hotel in Bath

One of the most fascinating places I would love to visit is the United Kingdom, blame that on my fascination for Harry Potter + for working in a UK-based Call Center for almost five years of my life. The British culture is something I’ve had a first-hand experience, albeit only audibly! I totally dig the accent + I would really love to tour the numerous historical churches + monuments, that come aplenty in that part of the world. I would also love to pay homage to Princess Diana’s resting place, as well as visit the living monuments of the famous English writers + novelist, including my favorite William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, + maybe see if they’ve put up an equivalent for JK Rowling, too! 😉

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my friend by the Avon River in Bath

A trip to the UK will be one full-blown History lessons what with its hundreds of churches + attractions with with hundred-years’ worth of history behind them. A stop at the various museums would also prove interesting, as well as a quick stop to see the Millennium Eye + the River Thames in London. I have recently caught up with my good friend, Mars, who also happens to be the little man’s godmother, online + she has shared her wonderful adventure touring parts of the UK, including Bath + Wales. I love all her photographs of all the beautiful places she’s been!

The next time Mommy Mars goes on a UK tour, I will be sure to mention this website on discounted hotels online, where she can book accommodations for hotels in Bath at a cheaper rate. This site offer the lowest hotel rates to accommodations to  dozens of other destinations in the UK, as well as in other places like The Bahamas, Paris or Melbourne. Reservations are easily made online + you can even reach them through their 0800 number at any given time. Apart from that, you can also make car hire reservation through their site for one hassle-free travel experience.

image credit goes out to my friend for the first photo, the first image is not mine

travel bucket list #5: iceland

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I first fell in love with this place when I saw it in one of my favorite band’s tour videos. The beautiful panoramic scenery, the poetic horizon, the marriage of glaciers and earth + the numerous hot springs, what’s really not to love about this place? If I could, I’d make a beeline to the DFA office + renew my passport, get one for the little man, so we can take the next flight out to this Nordic European island! Oh how I wish I can do that someday soon 🙂 I can easily imagine myself in one of those romantic tours of the island, taking in the majestic view, the beautiful falls + the pristine white glacier all around. I bet Jared will be delighted to explore this country, too!

Oh well, soaking in the hot springs in the Blue Lagoon after a long, adventurous day traversing in the snow, sounds like a great idea for a summer vacation, won’t you agree? + if my pocket can afford it, I’d sign up for one of those tailor-made packages offered at

There are loads of travel packages to choose from + I bet there is one that is perfect match to your budget or preference. They also have a honeymoon romantic travel for newlyweds or travel packages for families, as well! You can even choose from a variety of activities to do while in Iceland, anything that floats your boat, really, from an adventurous Jeep Safari, to fishing + skiing, to marveling at the Northern Lights or exploring the Thingvellir National Park, which is a UNESCO Heritage site found in Iceland, to sampling the delicious local gourmet dishes!

a pink sakura blossoms postcard from japan

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Aren’t they fabulously pink? 🙂 These are cherry blossoms + I got this beautiful postcard recently. This is sent to me by fellow Postcrossing Enthusiasts member, mommy Clarissa, who blogs at Brilliant Days + hails from Fukushima. Those Japanese postcards are one of my favorites + this one is no exception.

According to the sender the Japanese people loves to go out with their families + friends for a hanami or cherry blossoms viewing. They bring along food + drinks + sit under the sakura {cherry blossoms} trees, much like a picnic. Now that is one activity I would love for me + the little man to partake, I bet it will be loads of fun + it will be one fantastic adventure to marvel at the beauty of those sakura trees. Sakura is also known as the ume tree + this practice dates back to the Nara Period {710-794} that Japanese people admired the ume blossoms for the first time. The custom was originally limited to the elite members of the Imperial Court, but soon spread out to the samurai community + to the common people by the Edo Period

This postcard came with these equally colorful flower stamps:

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Thank you, Mommy Clang, for this wonderful postcard 🙂


Pink Fridays

top 5 summer travel tips

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Summer is one of the best time to travel with the family, firstly, for the sunshine + the good weather, + secondly, because the kiddos are on vacation from school. Whether you’d opt to hit the beaches of Batangas, Puerto Galera or Boracay, or would rather go to cold places like Baguio + Tagaytay, you might want to bear these top 5 summer travel tips in mind:

  • Bring those water bottles along to keep the whole family well-hydrated while you travel. Make sure they are color-coded so as not to confuse the children which water bottles belong to whom. Mum can also put tags, in case two bottles are of the same color.
  • Pack those sunscreens, too, to protect your skin from UV rays. You’d love to have the tan line, but no one would want to toast under the scorching sun, right? 😉 Opt for a brand, or those that  are SPF 50 + above, that is safe for all ages, especially, if you have a toddler or a little kid.
  • If you happen to travel a few times in a year, you might as well get one of those travel insurance, like Gateway insurance, to keep your family, + the car, too, protected on the road.
  • Dress in your most comfortable clothes + make sure you pack in those shirts that are made of light fabric + cool hues, to help  you keep cool in the sweltering heat
  • You might want to add in some straw hats, sunnies + flip flops onto your bags, while you’re at it. A few books + toys, to keep the children entertained will traveling will also go along way.

We have yet to go for a trip this summer, + I will be sure to keep these points in mind for one hassle-free + enjoyable summer vacation! 🙂