a pink sakura blossoms postcard from japan

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Aren’t they fabulously pink? 🙂 These are cherry blossoms + I got this beautiful postcard recently. This is sent to me by fellow Postcrossing Enthusiasts member, mommy Clarissa, who blogs at Brilliant Days + hails from Fukushima. Those Japanese postcards are one of my favorites + this one is no exception.

According to the sender the Japanese people loves to go out with their families + friends for a hanami or cherry blossoms viewing. They bring along food + drinks + sit under the sakura {cherry blossoms} trees, much like a picnic. Now that is one activity I would love for me + the little man to partake, I bet it will be loads of fun + it will be one fantastic adventure to marvel at the beauty of those sakura trees. Sakura is also known as the ume tree + this practice dates back to the Nara Period {710-794} that Japanese people admired the ume blossoms for the first time. The custom was originally limited to the elite members of the Imperial Court, but soon spread out to the samurai community + to the common people by the Edo Period

This postcard came with these equally colorful flower stamps:

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Thank you, Mommy Clang, for this wonderful postcard 🙂


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One thought on “a pink sakura blossoms postcard from japan

  1. Shengkay

    i miss postcrossing na..hahaha..
    hays..sana lang ma update ko yung postcard/travel blog ko..dami mong raket sis ah! hehehe..


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