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A big thank you to everyone who’s been patiently visiting this travel/postcard blog, although I have not been able to update this much + was not able to post a lot lately. I am guilty as charged, but, I do hope I come up with more interesting posts real soon + I do hope I see you here more often.

My top commentators for February are {drum roll, please :)}:

Jonathan Blaza Jonathan Blaza (3)
Jonathan Jonathan (2)
Ane Ane (1)
Arlene Arlene (1)
Gaylee Gaylee (1)
High Tea High Tea (1)
house of P house of P (1)
jack jack (1)
Postcards Crossing Postcards Crossing (1)

I shall send something in the mail for my top commentator, so I hope you watch out for it! Thanks again! 😀

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