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Summer is one of the best time to travel with the family, firstly, for the sunshine + the good weather, + secondly, because the kiddos are on vacation from school. Whether you’d opt to hit the beaches of Batangas, Puerto Galera or Boracay, or would rather go to cold places like Baguio + Tagaytay, you might want to bear these top 5 summer travel tips in mind:

  • Bring those water bottles along to keep the whole family well-hydrated while you travel. Make sure they are color-coded so as not to confuse the children which water bottles belong to whom. Mum can also put tags, in case two bottles are of the same color.
  • Pack those sunscreens, too, to protect your skin from UV rays. You’d love to have the tan line, but no one would want to toast under the scorching sun, right? 😉 Opt for a brand, or those that  are SPF 50 + above, that is safe for all ages, especially, if you have a toddler or a little kid.
  • If you happen to travel a few times in a year, you might as well get one of those travel insurance, like Gateway insurance, to keep your family, + the car, too, protected on the road.
  • Dress in your most comfortable clothes + make sure you pack in those shirts that are made of light fabric + cool hues, to help  you keep cool in the sweltering heat
  • You might want to add in some straw hats, sunnies + flip flops onto your bags, while you’re at it. A few books + toys, to keep the children entertained will traveling will also go along way.

We have yet to go for a trip this summer, + I will be sure to keep these points in mind for one hassle-free + enjoyable summer vacation! 🙂

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