travel bucket list #4: italy

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If I had the fat wallet to support it, I would’ve packed my bags + travel Italy-bound the moment I opened my copy of the book Eat, Pray, Love. I simply love the book so much I would want my own version of it + I would also like to begin the journey in the beautiful country that is Italy. I can see myself + the little man having a festive breakfast {much like that one in the photo}, staying in one of those luxurious holiday homes Europe has aplenty. I can envision myself dragging the little man from one famous Italian landmark to another, from one museum to the next, with a copy of an Italian-English dictionary in another hand. Or I can also see us visiting one of those numerous vineyards they have around + sampling a wine or two {are there any wines safe for little men to drink?} or attending mass at the Vatican + being blessed by the Pope himself!

I am sure we will never run out of sites + things to see. My itinerary will probably be full to the brim. Just imagine trying to squeeze seeing everything that Italy has to offer in a few days. People spend years + probably a lifetime to do just that. What with all the exciting + historical places to visit, including the majestic Castel Sant’Angelo + the intriguing Leaning Tower in Pisa, + a host of those ancient churches like the Duomo. I am sure we’ll also put aside a great chunk of our time there to sample the delectable + heavenly Italian cuisine. Imagine all those mouth-watering pasta + pizza! I will probably gain a few pound while I am there!

+, if that wasn’t enough, we’ll most probably take the time to enjoy those beautiful + breath-taking holiday homes which are just about anywhere. I really wish we can afford to stay in one of those + sample the beautiful life that these Italian holiday homes have to offer.

Oh well, am just not sure when this dream travel will take place but one thing I know, I will fervently pray so that it will happen in this lifetime! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “travel bucket list #4: italy

  1. Shengkay

    same here! kong mayaman lang ako..lahat ng lugar gusto ko ng puntahan lalo na ang Europe..parang wala kang tulak kabigin sa kagandahan ng mga lugar dun..


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