travel bucket list #5: iceland

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I first fell in love with this place when I saw it in one of my favorite band’s tour videos. The beautiful panoramic scenery, the poetic horizon, the marriage of glaciers and earth + the numerous hot springs, what’s really not to love about this place? If I could, I’d make a beeline to the DFA office + renew my passport, get one for the little man, so we can take the next flight out to this Nordic European island! Oh how I wish I can do that someday soon 🙂 I can easily imagine myself in one of those romantic tours of the island, taking in the majestic view, the beautiful falls + the pristine white glacier all around. I bet Jared will be delighted to explore this country, too!

Oh well, soaking in the hot springs in the Blue Lagoon after a long, adventurous day traversing in the snow, sounds like a great idea for a summer vacation, won’t you agree? + if my pocket can afford it, I’d sign up for one of those tailor-made packages offered at

There are loads of travel packages to choose from + I bet there is one that is perfect match to your budget or preference. They also have a honeymoon romantic travel for newlyweds or travel packages for families, as well! You can even choose from a variety of activities to do while in Iceland, anything that floats your boat, really, from an adventurous Jeep Safari, to fishing + skiing, to marveling at the Northern Lights or exploring the Thingvellir National Park, which is a UNESCO Heritage site found in Iceland, to sampling the delicious local gourmet dishes!

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