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Although the lot of us would prefer our postcards stamped, written + naked, there are also those who opt to receive theirs in envelopes. A few of the reasons why people would prefer this include:

  • in some countries, mine not included, it is cheaper to send multiple cards in an envelope instead of sending them one by one
  • others would prefer their postcards to be sent neatly + safely inside an envelope so they reach their destination in a spic ‘n span condition
  • some collectors would prefer their postcards blank + there is no way you can send one apart from sending it in an envelope
It does not really matter what your preferences are. Just make sure you tell your postcrossing friends about it earlier on. Am sure they will all be willing to pay the extra cost in exchange for all the lovely postcard you will send in return. 😉
postcards, souvenirs
Anyway, I have mailed a number of postcards in envelope for the following people a few days ago:
  1. Vipin R, India ~ Batanes lighthouse, Lourdes Grotto, Taluksangay Mosque, Dinagat Island, Rizal Park
  2. Guiseppe R, Italy ~ KKK Flag, Basilica at Dusk – Taal, Pottery Making, Magellan’s Cross – Cebu, Agoo – La Union

Hopefully these envelopes will reach their destinations in no time! 🙂

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