thank you, april top commentators!

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Another month flew by + yeah, I know {guilty as charged} I have been neglecting this blog, way too much, in fact! Mea culpa! This wanna-be traveler mum has been busy with her other blogs + other offline affairs. But I hope to be back this month with a vengeance + a giveaway, or two, to boot, that I do hope you’d all stay tuned + watch out for that!

Thank you’s are in order for my top commentators who went to the trouble of visiting this measly-updated blog. I do hope you’d get to see more outputs this month! I have numerous postcards haul I cannot wait to tell you about, plus a few travel tidbits, too. ūüėČ

Anyway, before this day wore on, allow me to express my gratitude to my top commentators of April:

  1. Eihdra Eihdra (1)
  2. joy joy (1)
  3. Levyousa Levyousa (1)
  4. Mommy Pehpot Mommy Pehpot (1)
  5. najera najera (1)
  6. peachkins peachkins (1)
  7. PostcardPerfect PostcardPerfect (1)
  8. rc gweniful/cherry rc gweniful/cherry (1)


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