found more postcards for swap over the weekend

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postcards, postcrossing

a postcard of the Avilon Zoo in Rizal

The weekend presented an opportunity for me + the little man to go out on a stroll in the mall. + whilst everyone else is busy with their last-minute school supplies shopping {the reason why the bookstore is particularly brimming with people everywhere that sunny Saturday afternoon} + some others are out to buy Peavey Amplifiers + other items on sale, this mum is busy browsing through the rotating display rack to check out which postcards to get, while the little man is busy exploring every nook + cranny of the shop with his tita Isabel on his heels! 😉

postcards, postcrossing

I was lucky to find a few that are not yet on my stock so I grab a few copies of each to trade with friends + swapmates! Hopefully I’d be able to upload it on my swap album soon + hopefully I’d be able to sit down to write on a bunch of them + visit the post office this week, too!

If you are interested in any of these postcards, don’t hesitate to let me know, right? Simply send me a note here. I’d be happy to receive a map card or any lovely card in return! 😉

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