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We’ve been frequenting this local summer destination quite often since last month. Not because we are going for a swim, {oh well, at least one of us did get to swim}, but because I’ve enrolled the little man for swimming class. The Malolos Resort Club Royale is just a jeepney ride away from our place so it is really the most ideal place for the little man to spend his summer. + he is enjoying every minute of it {more of this on my mum blog}.

malolos resort club royale, malolos city, bulacan daily, travel, destination

Apart from offering swimming classes, + as the name suggests, Club Royale is one of the premier resort/hotels located in our city. You + your family can go for a day-time or overnight swim + choose from a bevy of accommodations that will fit your preference + budget, from affordable cottages to hotel rooms. Apart from that Club Royale also offers catering + reception services for seminars, birthday parties + other celebrations like weddings, baptism {we had our reception in one of their many halls for Jared’s baptism}, among others.

bulacan daily, travel, destination, malolos city, Malolos Resort Club Royale

Here are the list of services + amenities you can enjoy at the Malolos Resort Club Royale:

  • they have 3 amazing pools to choose from: kiddie pool {3 feet deep}, teen pool {4-5 feet deep}, adult pool {6-7 feet}. Admission rates for these pools range from Php 120 {adult} + Php 100 {children} at daytime + Php 180 for an overnight swim
  • 4 different hotel room accommodations are available including: De Luxe Room KS Building {good for 3 to 5 persons}, Executive Suite Centennial Building for couples, Maharlika Suites which are good for 2 to 4 persons, + Family Type Barasoain Building, which can accomodate 4-6 persons. Room accommodation ranges from Php 1,300 up to Php 2,900 + includes 2 free swimming entrance + 2 complimentary breakfast for each rooms
malolos resort club royale, malolos city, bulacan daily, travel, destination
Other services include:
  • car for hire, dry-clean laundry, safety deposit box, fax machine + airport transfer
malolos resort club royale, malolos city, travel, destination, bulacan daily

if this is not happiness, then i don't know what is

We shall be frequenting this place for a few more days until the little man’s summer class is over. By that time, I hope I will be able to take a dip into the cool pool as I have been longing for a swim all summer long! As for Jared, he might just learn how to swim before his class is over! 😉

For more information, you can check out the Malolos Resort Club Royal Website or call +63(44)791-0378 or (044) 662-0044.

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14 thoughts on “malolos resort club royale ~ malolos city

  1. Marie

    I’m sure J had and would be having fun in this Resort! The slides are additional thrill! Let us know if he can swim na! hehe

  2. In-in

    I wish I know how to swim, and I wish I can take my son to take swimming lessons but work is stopping me from doing so. I am glad that you get to bring your son to something he enjoy. TT hoping.

invoice software

    this resort is looking very nice. i think this is the place for staying for some time, because location is looking so good.

  4. Gene

    Looks like a nice place to learn how to swim. How did his training go? We didn’t enroll Una last summer because of a death in the family.

    1. musings on meanderings

      i will be posting the details of Jared’s swimming lesson on my mum blog. It went well sis, he was afraid of the coaches at first, but after a while he got the hang of it + was dog paddling on his 7th day! i was so excited! 😀

  5. Arlene

    The last time I frequent Malolos was the time when it was not yet a city. I used to go shopping at one of the malls there. ^^ tagal na yon. Siguro in andyan pa ako nakatira, EB tayo some of the times. ^^

    1. musings on meanderings

      that would be great sis, sana nga you are still living here. You did not mention that to me the last time we met. 🙂

    1. musings on meanderings

      he can now dog-paddle, sis, but still with his floaters of course, but he kicks real fast + the coaches are betting one more class + he can do away with the floaters! ^_^

  6. Travelholic

    Oh… that’s a nice place for a family getaway! I would be having fun myself like you guys did. Nice escape!

    Thanks for joining last week’s TT! Hope you can join again; linky for this week is now up! 🙂


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