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I do not know about you, but in our part of the world, a travel or vacation is never complete without shopping for giveaways + travel souvenirs to bring back home to our family + friends. It is part of our culture to always bring pasalubong for people left at home even if we are just coming home from work! The last time my sister was out-of-town in a quick weekend in Cebu, for example, she brought home bagfuls of danggit, biscocho, key chains + shirts, + other pasalubong for her family + friends!

These travel souvenirs need not be expensive, really, what actually counts is the thought. The most common types of souvenirs given + sold in our country include keychain, shirts, ref magnets, sweets + local delicacies, paintings + other artworks. Some others may also give out wine making kits or personalized items as souvenirs. These souvenir items may be as cheap or extravagant depending on the budget.

I’d say there is nothing wrong with hoarding on expensive souvenir items if you have the means to buy them, anyway. If you think these particular souvenir items can make your loved ones happy, I’d say go for it. Just make sure you have sufficient funds to buy them all, otherwise you will come back home a pauper! 😉

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