postcard: barasoain church, malolos city

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postcards, Malolos City

When I was just starting with postcrossing, I only have one postcard design which I trade to other postcard enthusiasts ~ the Barasoain Church postcard. Not only that you can only buy copies of it from a local bookstore {you cannot find it in any National Bookstore branch, I tried + failed} at a measly Php1.50 per piece, but I thought it was also one good way of promoting what my little city has to offer by sending out these local postcards to anywhere in the world. I have probabaly sent several dozens of these + what I usually do is send this as my signature card, meaning if we are trading for the first time, I will automatically send you one of these!

It has been a while since I last sent a Barasoain Church postcard + the last time I checked there are no more copies available at Pandayan in the city center. Hopefully they’d be able to sell more so I’d be able to send more of these cards.

Here are a few interesting trivia about Barasoain Church in Malolos City:

  • it is also know as the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish
  • it was founded by Augustinian Missionaries + was built in 1630
  • the name “Barasoain” was derived from a place in Spain the missionaries found to have a striking similarities with the place of Malolos
  • the church has a Neo-classical facade + a medieval bell tower to the left
  • my alma mater, University of Regina Carmeli, can be found next door
  • it is the site of the First Philippine Republic + was dubbed as one of the most important religious buildings in the country
  • this is also where the First Philippine Congress convened on September 15, 1898
  • it was located in Malolos, 42 kilometers away from Manila
  • it was proclaimed a National Shrine on August 1, 1973
  • two former presidents of the Philippines, Emilio Aguinaldo + Joseph Estrada, were inaugurated here

Click here to read more about Barasoain Church. If you want me to send you a postcard, simply let me know in a comment below! 😉

Thought I’d share the beautiful rose windows with Wednesday Windows!

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