postcard: taal basilica in batangas

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postcards, Batangas, Philippines, UNESCO World Heritage Sites

I fell in love with this postcard the first time I have laid eyes on it. In fact the last time I was in the bookstore  I bought a stack of these cards to giveaway to my swapmates. I have never been to Batangas to see the Tall Basilica but I would really love to see it one day.

Here are a few things you might want to know about the Taal Basilica:

  • it is also known as Basilica de San Martin de Tours
  • it is the largest church in the Philippines + the whole of Asia, too
  • St. Martin Of Tours who celebrates its fiesta every November 11 is its patron saint
  • its bell is also considered one of the largest bell in the country
  • its baroque design was conceptualized by architect Luciano Oliver
  • it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

postcards, Batangas, Philippines, UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Anyway, do drop me a line here if in case you’d like to receive this postcard in the mail, right?


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