shopping for postcards online?

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While some mums are busy meandering through long queues in the bookstore to shop for school supplies, like notebooks, pens + crayons, id lanyards + bags + whatnot, I was busy mulling over where to get my stash of postcards next.

Don’t get me wrong, going to the bookstore to replenish my stock is something I look forward to each month, + whenever I go to the mall, you’d almost always see me winding the day in the farthest corner of the bookstore where the display racks of postcards are located. But recently, I noticed that there is hardly any new designs at all + most of what the foreign swappers are looking for are not available in the bookstores.

I have discovered this online shop that sells postcards, but I am having second thoughts as they are actually a bit pricey for my taste. Some are reasonably-priced enough although I have to consider the shipping costs on top of that! I also plan to D-I-Y my own postcard so that I can make personalized cards, + hopefully maxi cards, of the famous landmarks + attractions in my city, but have not found the time to visit those landmarks yet + have them photographed.

Oh well, am sure I will arrive at a decision somehow. If you have any insights + tips about shopping for postcards online, do not hesitate to let me know in a comment below, right? 😉

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