a little girl from morocco

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This is a postcard of a little girl wearing a Berber National Costume. Berber are the people living in the South of Morocco. Colorful + fashionable of you’d ask me. I guess it signifies that the Berber are fun-loving + open-hearted people. Clothes, much like motorcycle apparel worn by a biker who would stop at nothing to secure his safety on the road, says much about one person, or in this case, about one village or civilization. Won’t you agree? 😉

Here are a few interesting facts about the Berber people:

  • many of them call themselves imazighen, which is believed to have meant free people 
  • some of the well-know Berbers include Ibrahim Afellay, a Dutch-born footballer + Loreen, the Swedish-born winner of Eurovision 2012
  • significant population of Berbers are found in Morocco, Algeria + Tunisia

This is a birthday postcard from last year which was sent by Houda! 🙂


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