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postcards, map cards, Florida, 50 US States Map Cards

I guess I have mentioned one too many times that I’d love to collect map cards of all the 50 States in the US, I have been making slow progress, but it is not a problem. Just as long as I get to complete my collection in my own sweet time, I’ll be happy! I’ve also mentioned about a Florida map card that I wish to include in my collection, but, alas, I was not able to have one of those yet. But I am delighted that I got this Florida map card, instead. Isn’t it lovely? 🙂

Here are some interesting facts about this state:

  • State Capital is Tallahasee
  • it is the 4th most populous state
  • it’s name now is derived from La Florida, meaning “The Flower Land,” given by the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce De Leon in 1513
  • it is well-know for the production of oranges, The Kennedy Space Center + a wide bevy of amusement parks, Disney World Resort, included
  • it was also the origin of opus x cigars until the owner decided to move his business to Dominican Republic
Here’s what the back of the card looks liked. I love the interest stamps that went with it, too! 🙂

postcards, map cards, Florida, 50 US States Map Cards

Thanks Zina for sending me this wonderful map card. I look forward to swapping with you again soon! 🙂

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