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Visiting places + learning about different cultures is one thing that tops anyone’s bucket list, I guess. Traveling means fun, a new experience, an expanded horizon. Travelling is something I discovered later in life, as I have always been a homebody + those who leave the confines of their comfort zone to discover the great big world really baffles me! It is never too late, after all! + that goal is what compelled me to set up this blog in the first place. There are so many places to explore. So many little world to probe, so many hidden beauties to uncover, + so many exciting new activities to try out. + with posts + photos of my travels past + present, I am inspired to travel more {if time + purse permits} + bring along my little man for the ride.

There are lots of wonderful things about traveling that can excite just about anyone: the food, the ambience, the adventures that go with it. It could be a roller-coaster ride, or a rough rocky hike, a photo at the back of a horse & wearing some horse riding apparel, or even trying out the real thing! Whatever experiences we had, it’s always a memory to be treasured. Its like picking up experiences from different angles & various perspectives.

I certainly hope the cravings of the wanderlust in me will be fulfilled real soon. + I just pray the weather cooperates! 😉

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