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pink hello kitty postcard from japan


postcards, Japan

I think I have mentioned many times before that Japanese postcards are some of those that I love the best. They simply are the cutest + the most beautiful. Take for example this lovely Hello Kitty postcard. Isn’t she a cutey? It depicts Hello Kitty in various traditional Japanese kimono. Sigh, if only for the wonderful postcards + the idyllic cherry blossoms, I’d really love to visit Japan one day 😉

Thank you mommy Clarissa for sending this beauty + for the equally lovely note you wrote on my card! 😉

postcards, Japan

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a little girl from morocco

postcards, Morocco

This is a postcard of a little girl wearing a Berber National Costume. Berber are the people living in the South of Morocco. Colorful + fashionable of you’d ask me. I guess it signifies that the Berber are fun-loving + open-hearted people. Clothes, much like motorcycle apparel worn by a biker who would stop at nothing to secure his safety on the road, says much about one person, or in this case, about one village or civilization. Won’t you agree? 😉

Here are a few interesting facts about the Berber people:

  • many of them call themselves imazighen, which is believed to have meant free people 
  • some of the well-know Berbers include Ibrahim Afellay, a Dutch-born footballer + Loreen, the Swedish-born winner of Eurovision 2012
  • significant population of Berbers are found in Morocco, Algeria + Tunisia

This is a birthday postcard from last year which was sent by Houda! 🙂


q1 building, australia

postcards, postcrossing games, Australia

We used to have this Round Robin games in our Postcrossing Enthusiasts group. Simply put, this game would include a group of people, say group of 5, who will mail 5 postcards to 4 different people, depending on a specific theme which was decided early on, + would then receive the same number of postcards in return. Back in its heyday, we’d have one RR game a month, but I guess, people have been busy this days that it has been awhile since we last participated in one of these games. Hopefully, we’d be able to continue doing this again.

postcards, postcrossing games, Australia

Anyway, here is one of the postcards I’ve got from one of those RR games. I believe our topic for that month are buildings + skyscrapers. This is a lovely card of the Q1 Building located in Gold Coast, Australia. This is the tallest building in Australia, as well as in the Southern Hemisphere. Quite impressive, if you’d ask me, + I would love to climb up all its floors one day. Thanks, Kristie, for this card! 🙂

buying postcards online

postcards, postcard shops onlineI am seriously contemplating on getting postcards online, especially when I came across this site that sells a lot of beautiful postcards! I have been mustering enough resolve not to click on the “Add to Cart” option + went on a postcard-buying binge. My purse won’t approve of it, plus I have a rather important thing coming next month where I can make use of the money.

I must admit, there aren’t much postcards available locally + whenever I need to get some, I have to to the nearest NBS branch to replenish my stash, that is about 4 towns away from where we live. So I really make a habit of visiting a branch whenever I am at the mall just so I can have a number of extra cards on the ready whenever someone wants to swap with me.

Oh well, even though my plans of buying postcards online won’t push through, I am still thankful that I have that option to consider if + when the need arises. The many conveniences modern-day technology, along with its many beautiful accoutrements, bring to our lives. Don’t you think it is a joy to get your meds without going to the drug store yourself but getting them from, instead? 😉

Anyway, if you’ve got a recommended postcard shop you’d like to share, I would still love to hear about it!

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