postcard perfect: a mother + child postcard from canada

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postcards, Canada, art cards

I love this artsy-fartsy blank-and-white art postcard that is why I chose to swap with it, in the first place. I guess it depicts a subject close to my heart, which is motherhood, not to mention the photo is actually very beautiful!

If you’d ask me the mother reminds me so much of Madonna! 😉

Analen wrote this message at the back of the card:

postcards, Canada, art cards

That’s exactly what I did! + guess it jumpstarts the little man’s habit of pretending that every mother + child he saw on the tellie were mum + him!

Thanks Nalen for the nifty idea + for sending me this lovely photo art, too, along with a bunch of other postcards from Canada, which I shall be sharing in my upcoming posts! She blogs at Postcards Made in Heaven, by the way!


Postcard Perfect

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      i thought you were a member sis. join ka na, it is really exciting! you can start with or request to be added to our FB group, Postcard Enthusiasts! 😉


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