q1 building, australia

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postcards, postcrossing games, Australia

We used to have this Round Robin games in our Postcrossing Enthusiasts group. Simply put, this game would include a group of people, say group of 5, who will mail 5 postcards to 4 different people, depending on a specific theme which was decided early on, + would then receive the same number of postcards in return. Back in its heyday, we’d have one RR game a month, but I guess, people have been busy this days that it has been awhile since we last participated in one of these games. Hopefully, we’d be able to continue doing this again.

postcards, postcrossing games, Australia

Anyway, here is one of the postcards I’ve got from one of those RR games. I believe our topic for that month are buildings + skyscrapers. This is a lovely card of the Q1 Building located in Gold Coast, Australia. This is the tallest building in Australia, as well as in the Southern Hemisphere. Quite impressive, if you’d ask me, + I would love to climb up all its floors one day. Thanks, Kristie, for this card! 🙂

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