the fairy hobmother meanders here

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Traveling with fairies sounds like a very wonderful idea, don’t you think? Just imagine Peter Pan + all the fun he had with his little winged friend, Tinkerbell, in Neverland! I sure could use one, but since these little creatures are hard to come by these days, I bet some would even agree that they are just a figment of our over-zealous imaginations, I am really delighted that one such creatures meandered this way!

That is right, the fairy hobmother has just meandered here + sent some fairy dusts my way. If I could, I’d get this lovely washing machine from the gift he sent, but I think I’d also be happy with a book or a stack of postcards. Let’s see! 😉

By the way, the fairy hobmother left a note saying if anyone would like a visit from him, too, all you have to do is comment with your name, e-mail address + url. So comment away + who knows you might just be as lucky as me!

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