19th century royal castle, poland

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I received this vintage postcard last month from one of my direct swaps with a fellow Postcrossing Enthusiasts member. This depicts a 19th Century painting of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland.

Ewelina wrote this at the back of my card:

This postcard is from “Old Views of Commonwealth” edition + showing the Royal Castle in Warsaw from 19th Century. This castle, together with the old town, is listed at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Before this castle is the Sigismund’s Column. Sigismund III Vose {Zygmunt III Wese in Polish} was a king of Poland + Sweden.  

* Commonwealth is the old name of Poland

According to her this place has changed a bit today. The fountain can no longer be found at the same spot +  there are lots of cars parked around the area which makes the place less beautiful than it was 150 years ago.

Ewelina, who sent this postcard + also blogs at Virtual Tour Postcard Adventure, lives in Olsztynek, which is 2 hours + 46 minutes away fro Warsaw. Thanks for sending this to my mailbox! 😉

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