a few travel must-haves

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What to pack when you travel actually depends on where you are going + whom you are travelling with. The contents of your travel backpack may greatly vary if you are traveling with your hiking buddies compared to when you are traveling with your little tots, as well as when you are packing for a quick getaway in a local destination or when you are preparing for a two-week trip abroad.  It is imperative that you cover the basic travel must-haves, though, + here are a few of what I have in mind.

  • Valid identifications ~ whether your backpacking abroad or our on a local trip, it is a must to keep your ID’s with you. You never know when you might need them so it is best to keep them handy.
  • Stash of Cash ~ of course you cannot go anywhere without a wad of crisp paper bills to pay for your hotel accommodation, your food or your travel souvenirs, so make sure you carry a good amount of cash whenever you travel. An ATM card safely tucked in your purse is also a must, if you are not comfortable traveling with money in your bag.
  • A medicine kit ~ the last thing you need is having that stomachache or cramps when you are out to explore a new city for the first time, so make sure you keep a little medicine kit in your travelling bag for good measure.
  • Books + other diversions ~ this is most applicable when traveling with little kiddos on long journeys. Nothing dampens a good travel than a cranky little one, so make sure to keep them occupied + entertained.
  • Your camera ~ part + parcel of a good travel experience are your photos that you will either print later on for your travel scrapbooks or post on your various social media accounts, so make sure the camera is one of the first one to go into your bag when you pack.
You basic travel essentials might cover a multitude of other things, like snacks + other food items, utility knives, water-proof bags or container, just make sure to keep a check list of these items so you will be sure to stash them onto your travel bag before you leave the house. 😉

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  1. Pinx

    i have all these packed already for our MOVE a few weeks from now!!! 😛 i also made a list of all the things we will bring… visiting from the BE!


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