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It was good to know that our province is taking much effort to help save our environment. The previous floods were probably enough of an eye-opener. In April of this year, the provincial government banned the use + sale of plastic bags in our province through Provincial Ordinance #2012-09.

Here’s part of that proclamation:

Gov. Wilhemino M. Sy-Alvarado signed Panlalawigang Ordinansa #2012-09, prohibiting non-biodegradable plastic bags, styro foam + other kinds used as packaging materials in the 21 towns + 3 cities + 569 barangays of Bulacan.

Under the measure violators face a P5,000 fine + one year imprisonment. This ordinance is immediately enforced after the implementing rules + regulations are issued. 

The act also prohibits burning of plastic materials under the Clean Air Act. 

You can also read more about this news on the Experience Bulacan Website.

I do hope everyone will take part in this endeavor, especially those mall + other big establishment owners. I, for one, have made it my personal cause to help in whatever little way I can. I have advocated eco-bags long before talks of banning their plastic counterparts were planned. Hopefully more people will follow suit.

What do you do to help stop the use of plastic bags?


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