buying souvenirs when you travel

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It is part of the colorful Filipino culture to bring home souvenirs or what we call in our vernacular as pasalubong whenever we go on trips or vacations. In fact, even those who leave the house daily for work or other matters will also readily bring home something for the people left at home as pasalubong. I guess we are thoughtful like that!

There are multitudes of stuff that can be considered as pasalubong, it can be expensive TAG Heuer watches a balikbayan {or that person who’s living abroad + was not able to go home for years} is giving his loved ones at home when he returns, a keychain or a knitted stuffs from Baguio, or sweets + other native delicacies that can only be found in the place a person has recently visit. It does not really matter how much these little trinkets cost, what actually matters is the thought + the smile on everyone’s faces when they see the bag of goodies you brought home for them!

If I get to travel this year, I will be sure to get a lot of pasalubong, + who knows I might even get some for a lucky reader of my blog 😉

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