music as a universal language

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One of the many things you will discover once you set foot to travel are the variety of music that each country + each different culture has, the  more indigent + unique the better. Music is, after all, the universal language, + despite of our diverse + different cultures + backgrounds, music has somehow found a more basal way to touch each of us through our souls, allowing us to be moved + be entertained, + ultimately be changed.

Back in the days when the chance to learn protools like drums + other percussion, or one of those varied string instruments, is barely just a figment of everyone’s imaginations, our forefathers have created their own special musical instruments with what they have readily available at the time: a big bone from a deceased animal, barks of huge banyan trees, + the likes, + they have somehow found ways to create beautiful music, too! Proof that music has been as timeless as time itself + as ageless as love + stuff like that! + it was all good!

The next time you visit a new city or country, take the time to check out their traditional + old music +  musical instruments, you just never know what beautiful things you might discover that will allow you to enjoy your travel experience even more.

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