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New York is probably one of the most fascinating cities in the world, not to mention one of the most colorful,  one I’d love to visit in this lifetime, too! I would love to check out the Statue of Liberty + the Rockefeller Center, visit Central Park + the the Bronx Zoo, or ride one of those world-famous yellow taxis or give the subway a try. I would also love to walk along Broadway + pray hard that I bump into one of my favorites, John Rzeznik, who lives somewhere in this street! I would also love to sample their bagels + hotdogs, along with an assortment of other street foods. I might also be included to walk past numerous metal detectors garrett + check out a number of the local shops! 😉

Oh well, that visit may not come in the next 5 years or so, that is why I am glad I got this postcard to cheer me up. This is another official card {with Postcard ID#: 714871}, which I got early this year.

Zaliya wrote this message for me:

Sending you a warm hug from USA, New York City. I’m currently hear + sorry for not sending  the card from my own country. It beautiful here! Very very nice! Okay, have a wonderful day!

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