mailday thursday {09.14}

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Since I found out about the Singkaban 2012 festivities, I just knew I had to go back to the Capitol to participate in whatever activity my little man + I might fancy. I sooo wanted to check out the shops in the trade fair + would love to look for that particular one that sells my favorite, maki!

So we went back this afternoon to explore some more. Sadly, it was raining + all we could do is to sit by the shade of the trees in the park so as not to get wet! When the rain started to fall harder I decided it is time for us to call it a day + say goodbye to the festivities all together as it unfortunately ends today 🙁

I am just glad I was able to mail some postcards today, though, despite our unproductive outing. See my list + I hope you read your name in there:

  • Angel Cake, CA ~ Villa Escudero
  • Marina S, LV ~ Villa Escudero
  • Romana P, Czech Republic ~ City of Manila
  • Dasha P, Israel ~ Ati-atihan Festival
  • Ada, China ~ Obando Dance
Direct Swaps ~ International
  • May, Thailand ~ Taluksangay Mosque
  • Dianna R, USA ~ Philippine Map Card {Blue}
  • Estefania B, Spain ~ Taal Basilica
Direct Swaps ~ local
  • Katherine B, Bulacan ~ Barasoain Church {meet-up card}
  • Jan A, Palawan ~ Pagmamano big card
I’m glad that I also get to purchase a lot of this cool Pilipinas stamps which I will be using for my upcoming swaps. I will be sure to share the stamps with you in a future post, too!
Happy weekend! 🙂

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