mailday wednesday {08.29}

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mailday, postcards

A day after my birthday + before the little man’s birthday, we made a quick trip to town for some errands, including paying the bills + of course, one of my favorites, visiting the post office to mail my postcards. I have a bunch of postcards that’s been itching to be posted for a while now + I am glad I was able to do so that day.

mailday, postcards

Here’s the list of the postcards I sent that afternoon, I hope you find your name in it + if you do, I hope my postcards find their way into your mailbox real soon! 🙂

Direct Swap

  • Dinna G, NY ~ Sari-sari store big card
  • Laura M, Italy ~ Ati-atihan Festival
  • Cenezo Q, Iriga City ~ Taal Basilica {PE EB May 27 signed card}
  • Stephen C, CA ~ KKK/Banaue Rice Terraces
  • Ewelina M, Poland ~ Dinagat Island
  • Yra L, CA ~ Vigan Church + Calesa
  • Karolina T, Poland ~ Luzon Map card
Smile Cards
  • Tom Burgett, CO ~ Ati-atihan Festival
  • Julio V, Argentina ~ Ati-atihan Festival
  • Melissa J, UK ~ City of Manila

I am looking forward to sending more postcards in the coming weeks. I just need to get a stack of stamps to make mailing a breeze, though, as they do not have ample stocks in our local PO. I probably need to check where I can order local stamps online + while I am at it, I will make sure to read this free website making tutorial as well! 🙂

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